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What game have you spent the most amount of hours on?



Since 2014 playing almost everyday one or more matches.

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Over 100 hours on FFX. Definitely #1 as far as a single player game.

Otherwise, probably Halo 3. Probably have about 5-6 thousand games played online to go along with multiple runs of the campaign.


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Never been too much into multiplayer games, so my numbers aren't that crazy. I guess I put a ton of hours into Pokemon as a kid.

EDIT: I somehow forgot my 250+ hours on Persona 5.
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Bloodborne for sure! I've sunk WEEKS of time into that game.

Dark Souls, Dark Souls 3 would be close #2

I also find myself replaying/speed running Resident Evil 1,2,4,7 often as well. Uncharted 2,4 perhaps too.

Only other game that probably beats them all is COD multiplayer (black ops 3, cold war, etc). I became a Call of Duty ADDICT in 2020/2021
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Almost 2000 hours on Rocket League, close to 1500 hours on Overwatch and over 1000 hours of Dota 2, off the top of my head. I suck at all of them, of course.


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Probably Street Fighter 2 if you count all versions. Or the Street Fighter franchise if you count all games.

If you really limit it to just one game probably Borderlands 2.


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Over my entire life? Probably Ocarina of Time or Final Fantasy VII.

Recently? Embarrassingly enough, Assassin's Creed: Odyssey and Final Fantasy XV. Clocked well over 400 hours in each.


Vanilla WoW all the way through the WotLK expansion. That was my primary game from 2004 to 2010 so it’s a ridiculous amount of time.


Morrowind - 500 to 1000 hours
Street Fighter 2 HDR - 500 to 1000 hours
Nioh - 486 hours
Nioh 2 - 288 hours
WWF No Mercy - 1000 hours (maybe more?)
Street Fighter 4 (all versions) - 200 hours
Ninja Gaiden (original and Black) - 200 hours
Perfect Dark - 200 hours

Some of these are estimates.


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Bare Knuckle 3, playing it since 1997

Dont even know how much hours of my life i put in that game XD
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As per steam it is Dota 2 clocking in at 5,867 hours. Granted, this is counting all the times spent navigating the dashboard and waiting to queue up for matches. I exclusively played unranked and solo queue. I thoroughly hate all people, and also myself. (I have quit last year and have never turned back.)


League of legends, definitely.
Been playing on and off for over 10 years now.
~3000+ games with each lasting about 30 minutes ~1500 hours.
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Put over 25 days in to both Halo 3 and Reach, so that’s 600 hours each. I think that’s the most but I don’t know, Bungie.net used to track it whereas I don’t have figures for Gears on the 360, MW 2 etc.

To be young again :messenger_tears_of_joy: Need to strategically plan when to start short games like Ori and Metroid nowadays :messenger_tears_of_joy:
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Hmmm, either Hitman 2016-2021, Diablo 3 or Borderlands 2 but I can't check definitely because I deleted some D3 characters and a big chunk of my time with BL2 was with an older account/computer so no longer have access to that data. I reckon D3 could potentially be over 2000 hours so that would beat both the other two, coming in 500-800 less than that.

I literally played D3 for 6-12 hours a day for months in 2012-2013 when I was off work.


Ultima Online. Over 10k hours easily

Counter-Strike probably over 1000 hours between Source and GO

Fallout 3 probably close to 1000 hours

Then games like DayZ mod and FFXIV are up there too


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Fallout 3 - Well over 1000hrs in multiple playthroughs

LotRO- It was the last game I played before I switched from PC gaming to Xbox - probably over 1000hrs.

Halo Reach Campaign - I've replayed this game so many times I probably have over 700hrs.


Destiny 1 & 2, well over 4000 hours across both

football manager is probably second at 200+ hours


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WoW player.

About 4500 hours in retail.
2000 hours in a couple years of Classic.
Probably 500 more across various private servers.

That's actually not that much for your average WoW player.
rocket league is my most played game of all time. i don't know what i'm at now. it's nothing impressive but i think i was at ~700 hours last i checked. second place would probably be GTA V or Witcher 3 at ~200-250 hours each.


Everquest. I have over 2 years played in it. Nothing else comes remotely close, nor will it. I was legit addicted back them.

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In order of release - jumping from one multiplayer fix to the next:

Goldeneye 007 [N64]
Quake 3 Arena [PC]
Team Fortress Classic [PC]
Counter-Strike Source [PC]
Halo 2 [XB]
Battlefield 2 [PC]
Halo 3 [360]
Street Fighter IV [360]
Battlefield BC2 and Battlefield 3 [360]
World of Tanks [360/XB1]
Smite [XB1]
Halo Master Chief Collection (once it finally got fixed) [XB1/XSX]

Of those most total time spent on Goldeneye, TFC, BF2, and Halo 3.

Old Retro

late 1970s - early millennium coin ops = thousands of hours

Capcom fighters/beat em ups coin op and console = thousands of hours

Call of Duty circa 2007 to now played weekly = probably 1000s of hours it seems


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I don't have the exact hours, but if I had to guess, I probably played Final Fantasy XI more than any other game.

5 years consecutively playing back in the day. Even more when I built a pc more recently.

Next closest game would have to be Phantom Dust.


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Got to be COD4. My go to game after dinner. I think I had 13 days tracked on the service record.

Wayne Gretzky Hockey II might be second. I played that game on and off for 10 years on different PC. First time was when it came out around 1990 and the my last session was playing it on an old 486 around 2001 or 2002. I probably played 5 seasons worth so 400 games at half hour each = 200 hours = 8 days. Maybe even more.
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Battlefield 3 and 4, +1000 hours each.
Medal of Honor Warfighter MP, 900 hours
Civilization VI +1200 hours.
Rainbow Six Siege, +1000 hours
Insurgency, 600 hours


Final Fantasy VIII and Final Fantasy X are definitely my most played games. I've probably spent 800-900 hours on each of those on PSX/PS2 alone. On Steam my playtime for Final Fantasy X is 799 hours. I would say that's probably around 2,000 hours of total playtime. Final Fantasy VIII I would estimate around 1,000 hours of total playtime.
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Titanic was called the Ship of Dreams, and it was. It really was.
Good question..

Probably Tetris, in total hours. The one that took longest from start to finish was Bloodborne.
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Awesomenuats, currently sitting at 3443 hours played on Steam plus all the time I spent on it when it was originally released on the Xbox 360.


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Probably Skyrim in all it’s versions on all platforms, but I don’t have a counter, guessing a thousand hours. Never finished it.

I’ve easily played Super Metroid several hundred hours too.

No Man’s Sky sits at 477 hours on Steam right now.

Cyberpunk 2077 is at 254 hours.


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Final Fantasy XI and XIV showed years of playtime. Even with a lot of that being afk time both are extraordinary high in active keyboard time

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Guild Wars 2. Primarily doing their competitive world vs world mode. I've had so many laughs and good friends I've met there via discord. Anet is kind of lame and mostly PVE run these days, but I had so many hours put into guild vs guild fights and the various little fun power struggles that would go down. I think unlike most pvp modes, it had a lot of down time and room to chill out in between heavy fights and content. It's sadly mostly empty these days, but what a time. I'm playing New World with the same guild now, but I don't think any other mmorpg will capture that excitement and level of teamwork. You had to actively talk to each other during fights if you wanted to come out on top.


Has to be Persona 5 at over 102 hours. I've done 50-60+ hour gameplay before, but that one outdoes the others I've played.


Over 100 hours on FFX. Definitely #1 as far as a single player game.

Otherwise, probably Halo 3. Probably have about 5-6 thousand games played online to go along with multiple runs of the campaign.
Yeah, FFX is a huge game! Those side quests are insane, never had time to finish them all. The Blitzball games and the Monster Arena alone probably takes weeks
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