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What pissed you most about E3 and SGF this year?

For those who say E3 this year crap, why?

  • All the shows by different companies did not appeal to me.

    Votes: 33 27.3%
  • I actually liked E3 this year.

    Votes: 27 22.3%
  • Sony was not there.

    Votes: 45 37.2%
  • I was expecting more announcements for major games like MGS, FFXVI, METROID, etc.

    Votes: 39 32.2%
  • So much SJW stuff.

    Votes: 36 29.8%
  • Other

    Votes: 9 7.4%

  • Total voters


Microsoft's livestream/pre-recorded video was shit and yet somehow still the best this year. That's how shit overall E3 was.

Also I have no interest in Souls games whatsoever, so the Summer Games Shitfest was a complete write-off for me.
Really missed flute players, the crowd getting ushered into a different room after 2 minute video and seeing the same games shown again 3 years in a row.


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I really enjoyed this year, thought the xbox event was insane.

The Nintendo one was a pretty disappointing, but that is more my taste of games and what I was hoping for.

I think the only switch games I've purchased this year have been monster Hunter Rise, Stories 2 & Mushihimesama.


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It was bad for the most part, but Microsoft had a great show, no talking, just games games games, and Starfield engine trailer and Forza Horizon 5 gameplay. And Nintendo showed Metroid Dread including a long treehouse demo. Devolver’s show was kinda fun. Sony wasn’t there but at least showed Horizon Forbidden West awile before.
All in all 6/10.
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thinks Halo Infinite is a new graphical benchmark
No console presence is my criticism I do think they could have shown a collectors edition PS5, next gen Nintendo handheld I hoped Sony would return.
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