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What went wrong with Aaron Carter? -An investigation.

Scotty W

So I decided to write something about Aaron Carter after seeing brap brap ‘s post a few months ago. It is a rabbit hole of dysfunction, so buckle up.


In that post, brap brap asks a question: “What went wrong?” I guess that question made me decide to do a bit of work, to try to answer the question. To tell the truth, I have always been a little bit curious about Aaron Carter, as he was the first celebrity I ever saw in person.

When I started my research, it quickly became apparent that there is way too much material to go through. Aaron Carter has hundreds of hours of Instagram live streams that his fans put up on youtube. I have watched a few hours of them and they are painful. If someone wants to pay me, I will watch more…

Anyhow, so I suppose you could say the catalyzing event for Aaron Carter’s face tattoo comes from a woman named Melissa Schuman. She was in a girlband called Dream back in the day. And a few weeks after the #metoo explosion, she accused Aaron Carter’s older brother, Backstreet Boy Nick Carter, of rape. You can find the accustion here.


I cannot speculate on whether Nick did it or not, but I will say a few words about the complexities of this accusation. The accusation did make it to trial, but was ultimately thrown out of court as it was past the statute of limitations. Here’s what his lawyer said, from CNN:

A statement from Carter's attorney Michael Holtz obtained by CNN said, "Nick Carter was cleared today when the L.A. County District Attorney's Office rejected the charges against him."

"Nick has denied these allegations ever since he first learned of them last year, and was confident the District Attorney would conclude that there was no basis to pursue charges against him," the statement said. "He is happy to put this matter behind him."

The Backstreet Boys fan community seems to be absolutely certain that Melissa is lying, perhaps unsurprsingly, and have combed through her past for anything they can find against her. Here is a video of her feeling sympathy for Nick after his father died, from 2017.

So Aaron decided (or at least he was secretly pretending to, it gets complicated, more later) that he believed Ms. Schuman and so he went on Instagram Live with her for about 5 hours or so. I watched the first hour, but somehow could not go any further. It starts with Aaron being excited about how big of a media event this is. And then, strangely, about 30 minutes into that first hour, he decides to make a phone call to some sort of business to talk about how something he bought or owned was not properly delivered and was broken… and this call went on for about half an hour! With Ms. Schuman sitting there patiently on IG Live the whole time. A truly bizarre way to treat anybody, let alone the woman who was raped by your brother.

Where are these videos? I can’t find them at the moment. If I understand the situation properly, there was a AC megafan on youtube named SugarPixels, who had hundreds of hours of AC content. She (It is probably a she) made a comment on one of AC’s youtube videos that he didn’t like, and so he had her channel banned. That is just how things are in Aaron Carter world.

Anyhow, so for Aaron to take Ms. Schuman’s side over Nick’s was considered to be an unforgiveable breach. So Nick, citing Aaron’s drug use, his huge gun collection, and the fact that Aaron had posted how he had fantasized about killing infants while his (Nick’s) wife was pregnant, got a restraining order against him. Aaron’s TWIN sister Angel also took out a restraining order against him at about the same time, for much the same reasons.

Aaron goes gun shopping

Nick gets a restraining order

Angel gets a restraining order

Due to all the pressure of all this, and fuelled by massive drug use- these are all the drugs that he has confessed to using or has been alleged to use: Xanax, Benzodiazepine, Weed, tobacco, Seroquel, Gabapentin, Hydroxozine, Trazodone, Omeprazole, test reveals opioids, huffs computer dust, clonopin, hydrocodone- he decides to get a picture of Rhianna as Medusa tattooed on the side of his face.


Why did he get this particular image? He tells us himself, in this INSANE video. Seriously, if you don’t look at anything else in this post, look at this, at least.

So to recap, he got a Medusa tattoo because Medusa is meant to turn anyone who comes at him with any negativity into stone. His Medusa, he says, is his Mother. Now, if you recall your Greek mythology, Medusa was raped by Apollo or the Sun (frequently the same in mythology). There is something very strange about the way he looks his mother in the eyes as he says Medusa was raped. What is going on here?


Let’s go back to the beginning for context.

The first thing you should know about this family is that Nick, Aaron and their sister Leslie were all pushed into singing at a young age. Nick was very successful with the Backstreet Boys, Aaron was quite successful for a while, and Leslie had a single song on the Shrek soundtrack: Like Wow.

If you watch videos of them when they are young, everyone seems to be fairly happy.

But then they got decadent. The shag carpet walls were pretty infamous later. (Note, Aaron later said that his parents told him they were splitting up ten minutes before he did this episode of MTV Cribs.)

So his mother became a severe alcoholic, his father remarried a woman who was half his age, and in 2006, Nick and Aaron cut off all ties with their mother, claiming that she had stolen money from them:

In fact, 4 of the 5 Carter children estranged themselves from their mother. I watched 2 or 3 of the Marriage Bootcamp episodes with Aaron and his mother, and he still believes, 13 years later, that she stole money from him. I don’t know if she did, but honestly it seems likely. This what Nick said about her at 34 minutes into the first episode of House of Carters: “My biggest fault is not forgiving her, but I have forgiven her before, and I’ve been stabbed in the back every time I do forgive her.”

So it seems that now is the time to talk about this reality show, House of Carters. So in 2006, the 5 siblings moved into a house together to film a reality show that “sets a dysfunctional reality standard (Saskatoon StarPhoenix).” I watched this show in its entirety, and it is maddening. The most famous part of it in the first episode where Nick and Aaron get into a fight.

There is a very interesting comment that Nick makes in this fight about Paris Hilton. If you recall, Nick dated Paris for a few months in 2007. After they broke up, according to Nick in this video, Aaron went out on a date with Paris. If you watch the above video, you can see that Nick is still very angry about this.

So this leads me to speculate a bit about the nature of Nick and Aaron’s relationship. If you watch pretty much any interview with the two of them together, Aaron starts to act really childishly. Nick is like a cross between a god and a father to Aaron. And yet, if you watch above fight, Aaron gets angry that Nick always treats him like a child… but again, Aaron quite often shows that he does not deserve to be treated like an adult. Aaron has, unconsciously, put Nick in an impossible position, which is being a 12 year old and having a megastar as your brother, best friend, mentor, and father, who is helping you get famous. But you cannot bottle that moment, you have grow up. If you want to be treated like a man, be a man. There is another thing I learned about the Carter siblings from this show: they all demand, King Lear-like, to be loved unconditionally, beyond all reason, and this is an impossible demand, and so the world always lets them down. I have a deep, but unconfirmable, suspicion that the reason Aaron made those comments about killing infants is because a new infant is taking his place as the favorite son of Nick Carter. He no longer has a place in the universe.

I know these sound like wild Freudian speculations, but lets recap and double down:

-Aaron goes on a date with Nick’s ex immediately after they break up.
-Aaron seem to allude to sexual dimension in his relationship with his mother.

Then things get even crazier: Aaron accused his older sister Leslie of raping and molesting him.
"My sister Leslie suffered from bipolar and took lithium to treat it," Aaron tweeted. "She never liked the way it made her feel and when she was off of it she did things that she never meant to do I truly believe that. I was 10 years old...."

"My sister raped me from the age of 10 to 13 years old when she wasn't on her medications," he continued.

Aaron also claimed to be abused by backup dancers early in his career.

"And my brother abused me my whole life," the singer added.

Aaron also tweeted, "Now it's Nicks turn to tell the tell the truth of what he did to one of the girls in my family. Since my truth is all out there and I hope all survivors of assault or rape find peace and justice."

Let’s take this apart bit by bit: First, I find it difficult to believe that an 11 year old girl was strong enough to rape a 10 year old boy (She was 1 year older than him). What do you think? And then he conflates that abuse with Nick’s abuse of him- it is ambiguous as to what kind of abuse he is actually referring to. Finally, he seems to hint that Nick raped of of his sisters, Bobbi-Jean, Angel or Leslie.

Now the time has come to talk about Leslie. If you watch the House of Carters, you will see a tormented soul, desperately chasing fame, and never to achieve it. One youtube commenter called her the scapegoat of the family. If you want to see it, you can watch episode 4 of House of Carters. But the truly interesting episode is episode 7, where their father, Robert Carter pays a visit. When you watch this episode, it is very clear that he is in absolute control of this family. He says some shocking things: how he is a winner for having a wife 22 years younger than him, that he didn’t love the mother of his children for the last 15 years of their marriage (They divorced in 2003, which means that he stopped loving her when Aaron was 1 year old- if we want to be literal about the dates). But the TRULY shocking thing is when he comes into contact with Leslie. She is NOT happy to see him. She has to be dragged into his presence by Angel. When he tries to hug her, she folds her arms, but he holds her close and touches her everywhere that he can. Later on in the episode, before dinner, she lingers outside the kitchen on the patio, and then seemingly makes up an excuse about a forgotten matter, and so she has to go. Clearly she is trying to escape from him.

The youtube commenters are with me on this one. Just have a look:

“Their dad turned into a major creep when Leslie showed up. I don't know what went on between the two when she was younger, but the way she acted around him is like the way I use to act around my mom's ex after he molested me.. Pretending to be fine because not only do you not want anyone else to know, but you yourself is trying to forget about it.. idk, that might be just me..”

“I have a creepy feeling that the dad raped or molested leslie and that's probably one of the reasons why she was so uncomfortable and depressed all the time. poor thing 😔

“there is absolutely no way that dad didn't touch them especially Leslie. poor girl.”

5 years after this, in 2012, Leslie died of a drug overdose. According to Rollingstone magazine, she was found at home. But according to Aaron, she was found dead IN HER FATHER’S BED.

There is an Oedipal demon running amok in the family.

The family seems to have split at this point. Nick didn’t attend the funeral because the family blamed him for her death.

Interviewer: What was the price of fame?
Jane: It’s been the loss of my family.
Aaron: Self destructing, like a tornado just came to our house and family got tossed everywhere.

This about takes us to the period of the face tattoo.

There have been some interesting developments recently, but I am too tired to pursue this any further. Nick tweeted that he still loves and supports Aaron. A few days later Aaron made this video, where he claimed that like that double cross episode of Rick and Morty, he has been working since the very beginning to vindicate Nick.

In conclusion, Aaron has never had a normal life, and he has no idea how to be normal. He is a victim. If you watch that bit from The Doctors that I linked above, it is clear that his narcissism is out of control. He cannot say a single word without looking for applause and validation. He is complicit in his own victimization, and has certainly used his fame to his benefit, and has hurt many casual acquaintances who have come his way. The best thing he could possibly do is to stop being famous, because every thought, word, and instinct that he has all flows back to this fame narcissism, and then to that witches brew of molestation, drugs- he claims Michael Jackson gave him cocaine and wine at 15- madness and self destruction. Get out while you can Aaron.
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Scotty W

Imagine writing that much about Aaron Carter. Boy oh boy wowee.

I know how it comes across. My initial interest was just to see what it was like to research something or someone like this. I never had anything more than just a bit of curiosity in him. But he is a rabbit hole. There is a limitless amount of information about him.

There are a lot of people out there who seem to have a limitless amount of time to spend talking about him.

But I am pleased to think that my research went much deeper than any of these obsessives.


I learned more about the Carters in a few minutes then I ever did before, what a sad case of a family destroying itself .
I wish the best for any family going through personal turmoil.


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They're meant to entertain I think the music Aaron Carter does it for me its like you have to be approachable and patient 24/7 def. not reality.


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Nick and Aaron are both fucked in the head. And the father clearly molested the sister Leslie.


I appreciate the OP for doing all that research. I knew nothing about the Carter family issues and kinda assumed they were all doing relatively well. Isn't Nick part of that Boy band revival.

Also, really sad to see what happened to Leslie. The vid op posted with Leslie was cringey to watch , and she was found OD in his bed? Fuck me dude, someone is going to hell

Scotty W

Ya but then again we did read it.

Or more like skim through it lol.

I hope you do read it, I think you will find it interesting.

Scotty W Scotty W has FAR too much time on his hands.

You're not wrong, but I approached this as a practice research project. I think it went pretty well, though it is not as well written as a proper essay. I ran the first part of the marathon pretty well, but had to drag myself across the finish line.

I appreciate the OP for doing all that research. I knew nothing about the Carter family issues and kinda assumed they were all doing relatively well. Isn't Nick part of that Boy band revival.

Also, really sad to see what happened to Leslie. The vid op posted with Leslie was cringey to watch , and she was found OD in his bed? Fuck me dude, someone is going to hell

Nick is still touring with Backstreet Boys. I recall hearing constant advertisements for one of their upcoming concerts in New Zealand.

It is really difficult to tell what is really going on with Nick. If you watch the House of Carters show (and why would you?) he comes off pretty well. But during this time he was the deepest into his alcoholism and (I think) drug abuse. But you don't see that in the show. All I recall is him drinking a blurred out beer in one scene. I have never liked the Backstreet Boys, but I hate to say he seems like a stand up, solid dude. But that doesn't mean he didn't commit rape. I find it impossible to put it past him completely, but I cannot fully believe Ms. Schuman either.

Aaron said in a recent IG Live that one of his other sisters, Bobbie-Jean is now 200 lbs and smoking crack.

just watch the No Jumper interview he did ... crazy stuff

He has been back on there a few times. I haven't been able to bring myself to watch them, except for a few minutes of one where he brought model/escort named Jenna Shea on... who shortly after posted this:



That was a great write up OP i enjoyed reading all that. Whoa what a crazy story. I had no idea about most of that.

Scotty W

So I did a bit of research, and here is Aaron’s 2020 year in review. Keep in mind I haven’t watched any of his livestreams, so I am sure the truth is actually much more bizarre than this. Very interesting happenings in April/May.


March 10, 2020

Aaron Carter paid tribute to his girlfriend of three months by getting her name tattooed on his face, his second face tat, Entertainment Tonight reports. The singer got the name Melanie Martin tattooed in a cursive script over his right eyebrow.


March 30, 2020

Aaron Carter’s girlfriend was in police custody Monday after an alleged incident of domestic violence at the singer’s home in Lancaster, Calif.
Carter, the younger brother of Backstreet Boys singer Nick Carter, claimed in a series of social media posts that girlfriend Melanie Martin choked and punched him after he broke off their relationship and asked her to move out Sunday morning.

April 21, 2020

During an Instagram Live on Tuesday, Aaron Carter announced that he is expecting his first child with girlfriend Melanie Martin.



Aaron Carter’s pregnant ex-girlfriend Melanie Martin has stepped into the world of “adult entertainment”.
Melanie was scheduled to do a show on adult streaming website CamSoda on Friday in which she planned on “fielding questions (about her relationship with Carter), chatting about life, stripteasing,” the site’s rep told Page Six.


Late May

Melanie Martin had a miscarriage due to stress.


September 2020

In September 2020, he may have done his most headline-worthy stunt yet. He made his adult content debut as he went live on the adult website CamSoda and played guitar in the nude. He also recently launched a profile on OnlyFans, a social media platform for adult content.

The CamSoda rep said that Aaron Carter will “eat bananas teasingly and peel some with his feet” during the stream as well as pleasure himself “for a live audience for the first time ever.”

One Twitter user critiqued Aaron’s new venture and wrote, “Every time I think #AaronCarter @aaroncarter can’t embarrass himself any more, he does. It’s like a bottomless pit of shame. He IS the biggest something right now - he’s the biggest JOKE around”


In October he gave himself pink dreadlocks, in November he said he wanted to fight Justin Beiber in a boxing match.

December 31, 2020

Aaron celebrates his one year anniversary.

Carter captioned the post on Instagram: “Happy anniversary to my one and only the LOVE of my life. We’ve been through hell and back this year but still came out on top and together. All I need is you baby. Trust me. I love my supporters but no one means more to me than my wife to be. @missmelaniemartin Have respect ✊.”

Martin responded in the comments with: “Happy anniversary my baby you’re gonna kill it this year 😜.”


There is quite a bit of stuff I missed before, including that he told his twin sister, Angel, that he had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. I have suspected this when I wrote about him before when I saw him talking about gangstalking in one of his streams- though note that Aaron’s former publicist accused Aaron of stalking him.

Let’s hope his fiance was only talking figuratively about 2021...
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Scotty W



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Sorry that's really long; I see you have a brief clip of the Carter reality show.. and are using it to defend Nick.

You really shouldn't; that show was unbelievable that it aired whatsoever or that they actually wanted to film it.. if you watch it, Nick is endlessly an asshole to his little brother.

It was like watching a car wreck. Nick just CONSTANTLY was shitting on Aaron. Who yes, is a bit of a twerp.. but Nick is incredibly unaware of how bad his own behavior is and he's a lot older than Aaron.
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I only watched creepy dad and Medusa interview, but I read the rest. That’s a hell of a family, the poor fuckers. Doomed from the beginning, by the sound of it.


I got curious myself not too long ago and looked up what happened to him as well.

Seemed like an insane story. Pretty sad and messed up.

Some child stars get it really bad..


Great OP and updates.

I knew of them but never knew any of this, it's bloody insane to not only be living a life like that but to have it filmed.

Fucked up.


Well then.

You could have spent that time writing something you could try sell for moneys and maybe a career.

I forgot there were two of them, but yeah i remember Aaron's first song.. well i think i remember one still from his music video but forget everything else.

These guys don't got shit on McCauley.

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