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What would you like to see Larian Studio work on next?


BG3 coming out soon? You are looking at least 3 more yrs of nothing but BG3 content, polish, remake, remaster, etc. etc. I would imagine the future is another DoS 3(EA maybe 2025?) and BG4(EA 2027?) They are pretty big studio now but all work is put into BG3 and its already successful. No reason to move off especially the work they have put into it is pretty incredible. No matter what, they are set up to do whatever the hell they want. Thats what you want from a dev.


Baldur's Gate III is slated for 2023, with no date yet given.
Larian Studio's is working on a big license and I'm sure they want focus their time on this project for now.

I would love to see 1 to 2 expansions.

FSR improvements with Steam Deck to reduce GPU usage.
Console release would be great to see for console users.

In the later future, maybe a aRPG or RPG game.
I wouldn't care the theme tbh, I'm fairly sure it would be an instant purchase.


Gilgamesh Fan Annoyance
They need to work on releasing Baldur's Gate 3 from Early Access. Then I guess another cRPG considering that's all they seem to make.

I like BG3 but don't lie and act like it isn't Divinity with a BG coat of paint using DnD 5e rules which is just yuck compared to 3.5e


Pathfinder>5e. Who wants to play a simplified system which is monsters playing whack a mole v falling and reviving players at low level and a basically undefeatable party at high level.


Ultima series reboot.

I've love them to remake all the Ultima trilogies.
Only if they learn how to make a fucking day/night cycle.
The fact that BALDUR'S GATE 3, of all games, is going to ship without one because they consider it "too much of a hassle for the benefits" is a still a fucking travesty in my eyes.
And the worst thing is that to circumvent this limitation they had to come up with a lot of convoluted design solutions that STILL don't address the problem entirely.

I've been playing the BG3 EA over and over in the past two years, giving constant feedback on their official forum.
Let me say about their core design so far that I can hardly think of another game where I felt so conflicted between the highs being really high and the lows being fucking abysmal.

I think that BG3 will be AT WORST a very solid CRPG worth playing, but it's so annoying to see it would have a potential to be a timeless classic and they are squandering it by littering the game of undesirable little details.

EDIT - One detail that is both funny and mildly infuriating to me is that Larian claimed to have "a very faithful recreation of 5th edition ready to play at first, then started improving from that". Except every single major "gameplay improvement" they introduced in the past 21 months of EA consistent fundamentally in... Reverting their own additions to play closer to the source material. And it's not just a matter of "being faithful to the source no matter what" either. Every single time they removed their own flavor of "homebrew" from the equation the gameplay DID, in fact, get better.
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