What's the most emotional moment you've ever experienced in a video game?


When this music played in Mass Effect 3 at the end of the Krogan story arc:
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I distinctly remember a scene in Gears of War years ago with a dude and his dead wife that played out brilliantly at the time, so long ago I can barely remember it.
I'm pretty sure you're thinking of Dom's death when so depressed over his wife's death, he sacrifices himself so the team makes it out. I like that one too, it's a pretty emotional mission.

My most intensely emotional mission though is the same one I always answer to this question;
Lone Wolf - Halo Reach
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Most of Hellblade.

Senua was one truly fucked up girl but I think I felt for her most was just before the end when the voices in her head were telling her to let go. She was so pitiful, completely lost in her mind and at deaths door. We didn't see but God knows what she was really doing to herself at that moment.

Pretty much the only game I've ever emotionally connected to.
Wow, GOOD answer. I didn't even think of Senua. Halo Reach has been the most emotional experience in a game for so long I never even consider anything else. The entire game of Hellblade was so emotional and so well done. It was gut-wrenching listening to all the voices in her head.


Death Stranding - Everything to do with the flashbacks of the baby and Cliff (the father). That game really vibed with me and I was honestly on the verge of tears at the final full reveal of that story.

Disco Elysium - The phone call with your ex is just brutal. Like you kinda know there’s no way it’s going to work out, but man, what a gut punch.


In FFXV, what Ardyn did really pissed me off. Next time I saw him I didn't even let him talk, immediately started mashing the attack button. (If I remember correctly the game actually did let me attempt attacking there and it interrupted his talking). I really hate that guy and refuse to play his DLC chapter.

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Fighting Shagaru Magala in MH4U. The intro and music got me emotionally hyped. After your journey through the game this is it the final stand off between you and Shagaru no words spoken. Two adversaries fighting to settle the score. No other MH after 4U gave me this feeling.


The most I've ever cried from a video game moment is due to the "Everything's Alright" scene from To The Moon...because everything was not fucking alright! To lose one's most precious memories, ones that you yourself have traveled through and know the significance of for the man in question...just heartbreaking.

Ueda's titles all have very emotional endings and moments, but all end with a ray of hope that makes them bittersweet, my favorite flavor.

Brothers : A Tale of Two Sons ending moment of gameplay-story integration is a punch to the gut at the same time you're having your mind blown by the genius of it. Josef Fares has rightly taken his place as a GOTY winning dev with It Takes Two, but Brothers will stick with me the longest of all the titles he has made so far.

The most depressing scene ever award goes to Harry's dream meeting with his ex-wife in Disco Elysium, enough to drive a man to drink.

Final Fantasy X when Yuna tries to embrace Tidus but falls through him gets me every time.
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When i killed the pregnant woman in tlou2 i didn't want to play anymore with that maniac, she had lost all reasons and was pure murdered. In the end Abby was more reasonable, even though Abby looked like a man on steroids with a woman face, it was more pleasant to play as her.


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Some moments that were touching in no particular order or severity, as I can't think of a time a game truly floored me emotionally:

Watching John Marston die after the thrill ride that was Red Dead Redemption... and then the story continuing and realizing you're playing as his son Jack, doomed to follow in the footsteps of his father.

For that matter, going into Red Dead 2 with zero spoilers and hearing John's voice crying for help in the opening sequence - I wasn't sure if he'd actually show up or merely be mentioned in absentia.

Discovering that Khalid died in between the events of Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate 2.

Shepherding (heh) my entire crew to success and safety during the climax of Mass Effect 2 having not followed any guides or being spoiled that your people could die.

It's silly, but Tiny Tina coming to terms with Roland's death in her Borderlands 2 DLC.

During the climax of inFAMOUS: Second Son, hearing Fetch's theme song kick in and discovering that she survived.


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There are several, in this order:
  1. TLOU 2 ending, when Ellie tries to play the guitar, recalls that last flashback, and then walks away. Heart-breaking.
  2. GOWR's Ragnarok ending when Kratos "sees the future." I almost broke down.
  3. Arthur in RDR 2 with that song in the background. Damn!
  4. Ghost of Tsushima's ending when Jin had to make that decision.
There must be many others that I'm forgetting right now.


The time when we played a lot, really a lot of CS:GO between 2015 and 2017.
We were some good players who took the game too seriously. Not infrequently there was bickering, arguing, people being offended, ragequitting...
All this to dive back into this toxic rabbit hole the next day. Fun times.


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Another one that hit me hard: Telltales The Walking Dead

When Clementine has to shoot Lee before he turns
Some people may believe me to be heartless, but it's moments like that knowing that there's nothing that can be done to prevent the inevitable (after playing as a helpful/caring person) brings me to tears.


FFXIV has tons of emotional scene which is hard for me to choose. each expansions has fair share of it moment which is too many to list but my personal favourite is the part where Haurchefant died that lead up to his 'ghost' and Ysayle come to assist us after final battle.

another one is
Ultima Thule walking scene in Endwalker. my friend even end up cried like a child lol.

other than that.. MGS4 microwave split-screen scene. it is something that i cant forget.

even Guillermo del Toro praised Kojima for this scene.

This is the scene that made Guillermo del Toro himself cry. - Hideo Kojima

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There have been some very emotional scenes in games but this broke me more than anything before and since.

I forgot about that one. I really enjoyed FF XV, that did get me in the feels. In fact the entire ending of that game is a slow motion gut punch.


Many games got me emotional :

Metal Gear Solid franchise : Sniper Wolf's death, The Boss and MGS3 ending, MGSV : One of the late mission in which you have to kill your own men. I was literally begging for it to stop.)

Last of Us ending (actually the whole hospital sequence got me)

Final Fantasy X : when Tidus learn the truth about Yuna's pilgrimage, Suteki na de, ending

Final Fantasy XV : I really get attached to the party and their relationship. The late game events really hit hard on me.

Last Guardian : Trico on many occasion... I must replay this game !

Hollow Knight : the Sealed Vessel fight with the music really gets me. Also the "true" ending with the music. Bonus : the end of the bank questline got me the biggest laugher a game got me.

Journey : It's just a beautiful message for me.

But nothing beat To the Moon. Never I have cried so much playing a game when the credit rolled. Also the moment you get the explanation for the rabbit got me hard.
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From the past 5 years it must be

Yakuza 0 when
tachibana dies before reuniting with the lost sister

Or some scenes from rdr2 when arthur
lose his horse
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That first fucking boss in Ghostrunner made me so livid that I completely blew out my voice from screaming at the TV in rage.


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I'm weak, so I have a lot.

-Microwave corridor in MGS4, as stated before me. Great, emotional climax and visual storytelling for the toll his cause and his rivalry are having on him, and despite all these things, he keeps going down the hallway, the only path he has before him. Just great shit.

-The entire climax of MGS3, basically from The Ladder to the final phone call was just AMAZING to me. Felt like it had the pacing, action, musical cohesion, talent and production values of like blockbuster cinema but it was also a goofy ass game where you hunt crocodiles and it wasn't afraid to give you a thirty minute history lesson right before that battle with your foe. It's the shit that everyone slams and parodies Kojima for now, but I'll always maintain that MGS3 was the most mainstream sensible you can get while still fitting Kojima's style. Very punchy.
I was terrible with girls when I was a teena- come on, I’m on GAF. Anyway, I’m pretty sure I fell in genuine love with Tifa lol.

Other than that… not much. By the time Ico came out I had my shit together on that front but playing it a few years prior might have led to some embarrassing moments.

After finishing the Witcher 3 I spent a good few months feeling a bit lost - it has been a hinge point of my life for so long.

Some game menu music (Persona 5, cyberpunk) reminds me strongly of my wife being pregnant and what was just a very exciting and bittersweet time (I knew I was saying goodbye to a very easy and privileged lifestyle). The music puts me right back there and I can imagine the emotional strength of that becoming unbearable one day.
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I have found that many things that were emotional for me when being a child / teenager have lessened considerably when reliving them as an adult. However, there are a couple that still get me:

1. Disco Elysium has many moments, but the most emotionally impactful for me was either
talking to Dolores at the end of the game, or talking to the Insulindian Phasmid and the Deserter in the same area.

2. Planescape Torment, when
meeting your first incarnation and he asks you if it was worth it, all those lives you've lived.

3. Final Fantasy X,
the ending when Yuna tells Tidus she loves him.

I'm sure there are more but these are what I could think of off the top of my head.

EDIT: Thought of two more:

4. The Witcher 3,
when the Bloody Baron admits to being an abusive husband.

5. Cyberpunk 2077,
when you find Johnny's grave.
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This is a pretty weird one:
Child of Eden

Being the spiritual successor of REZ, it's no wonder it is a full on sensory experience.
Still, it happened during the first boss fight (in the screen above).

The electronic music at that point is a constant crescendo, and the game rewards when you hit on time with some extra audio visual feedback.
At some point you're just there with a majestic space creature that doesn't even fight back anymore. As I manage to hit every shot on my rhythm, a young lady appears from space and the music finally goes full climax.
It was so emotional i had watery eyes as it ended.

That was the only time it happened.


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Final Fantasy XV.
The entire ending saga.
Seeing the world fucked up.
The last camp fire with your friends.
Finishing the game and the title picture changing.
Right in my heart.

Red Dead Redemption 2.
I know GTAVI is next, but what i wouldnt give for Rockstar to have another RDR game this generation.

She was a bitch, but she was our bitch.
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