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What's with the trend with developers censoring women in video game?


It seems quite too often video game developers are trying to shy us away from the female body figure. It seems like it's a sin to show a female body these days.

It's like society is trying to protect us from seeing something horrific.

Are women's bodies inferior to that of men?

They might as well wear these and censor their whole bodies.


but for women, it's always...

I hate how society functions sometimes, we need more confident video game characters like Mai...

Reveal more not less. There's nothing wrong with showing off your assets if you got them.


Political correctness happened. It is because:

1) It might offend transsexuals
2) it sets unachievable beauty standards

Meanwhile this is perfectly fine

With Sony headquarters located in California now. Expect it to get even more "progressive"

Old school political correctness still allowed for open discussion. What we have these days is a whole new (scary) beast.


Well it's all due to the Global S-Word™ (can't say the actual word 'cause politics is not allowed on this board).


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I'm the straightest man on this planet, but I prefer the picture on the right. That costume looks much better imo.

Also, FC6 just came out and it has this cutie:

We haven't seen the new Joanna Dark yet, but even with that haircut that everyone in GAF seems to hate she could still look feminine and beautiful. Case in point:

I'm not worried one bit. I'll get my beauties, and I don't care what they're wearing. :messenger_smiling_hearts:
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Unk Adams

Because miserable, deeply mentally disturbed people who are always physically repulsive themselves and complain all day on social media demand it. Every large mainstream company also supports it and gives into it as a way to try to show how "progressive" they are and then the gaming media is also in the same boat. These people also love censorship, hate freedom of expression and get a high off of feeling like they have power over people in general and as of right now have control over the industry. Your average normie doesn't care about any of this and will just go along and consume any new censored, broken AAA game that needs months of patches and will give into any trend as long as it's pushed by the mainstream media.

Claus Grimhildyr

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What, don't you know? If a man is shirtless, its *empowering* and a *male fantasy*. If a woman is shirtly its only for *male gaze* and was designed *for men to lust*, even if it was designed by a woman (who has *internalized misogyny*). /s

The above is what these mentally ill cunts genuinely believe. They sit on twitter crying about how awful the world is and how everyone is against them and trying to force changes because its the only way they can feel like they contributed in their sad little lives.

Fuck 'em.


I don't play games to get my rocks off. I'm happy with developers not thrusting barely contained breasts in my face. I don't get why people want that. Porn abounds on the internet. There is no reason for you to need scantily clad women in video games. Just my two cents.


I was actually rather impressed with the size of Aerith's boobs in FF7 Remake. When she's in her normal outfit, they look rather small, but in the red dress she had a great rack.

Must've been a Wonderbra.


We haven't seen the new Joanna Dark yet, but even with that haircut that everyone in GAF seems to hate she could still look feminine and beautiful. Case in point:

I'm not worried one bit. I'll get my beauties, and I don't care what they're wearing. :messenger_smiling_hearts:
I don't hate it at all. I thought it was hot as fuck when Natalie Dormer did it... Seven years ago.

Trends sometimes take a bit to catch on, but now it has, and it seems like it's the only thing certain creatives are able to come up with. Too much of a good thing is a bad thing and now the shaved side buzz is the new bald space marine.

We made fun of those back then, we should make fun of this now, so devs wake up, and stop relentlessly doing the same thing everyone else is. Over and over and over and over.


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Whats really interesting about all this is if you look at any MMO (a genre which due to its social nature seems to have far more women playing it). You don't see women often choosing "ugly" races, and when given the choice make there characters attractive.

Just look at FFXIV find any female streamer and look at there character they have spent ages making them as attractive as possible, mods in skyrim and fallout the two women who I know which play it do so on PC and have spent excessive amounts of time making there characters as beautiful as possible. For possibly the best example look at the old trodden path of Second Life, most the female players look like Bimbo's... by choice.

So who are these unattractive "manly" women for in the west? Because it certainly dousent seem to be for a majority of female players.

So who are these changes for?
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