What's your favorite game this gen so far (XBS and PS5 consoles only)


What the hell kind of bias is this. PS/XB only? I play games on PC first and only PS if they are exclusives. Based on this skewed poll my best game is Horizon FW. On PC maybe the first half of Elden Ring or maybe Cyberpunk.
Not much...
PS5 hasn't released any must-have games yet for me, unless you count the multi-generation ones.
In that case, Elden Ring.

As for Demon's Souls, I have already played it back on PS3, and I've seen it's an exact copy in terms of gameplay, where they didn't even bother to re-balance it.
When It comes to Forbiden West and Returnal I'm waiting for a discount/complete edition to buy them.

This generation generally feels like a fart.
There are plenty of QoL improvements on PS5 (not to mention the near instant loadings + locked 60fps). For me it definitely improved the gameplay. Also they have increased loot drop from those damn lizards.

I have finished the game on PS3 and the PS5 version is really worth another play. Trust me.


Forbidden West so far, cross-gen and all.

Counting games I had played already though, Demon's Souls and The Last of Us: Part I. Especially the latter, on which I had been shitting on since the day it was announced and turned out to be a competent and even impressive Remake of what's probably my favorite game ever. Now I can't stop playing it.
Returnal is th eonly one that feels Next-Gen. Everything else is either a remake or something they could've done on PS4, but now it has slightly better graphics.


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By a huge margin my favorite game this gen and one of my top games of ANY gen is Halo Infinite campaign, but it's cross gen.

For current gen only, much to my surprise it's Deathloop. From the trailers I was sure I wasn't going to like this game, but I love and am totally addicted. I should have had more faith in Arkane.
Deathloop if we're counting overall next gen exclusives(not just PS5 exclusive).

However, Forspoken(another next gen exclusive) could top that one. It looks like it's really taking advantage of the next gen consoles power rather than just slapping 60fps or 4K on a game that could run on 8th gen. It is hard to imagine someone traversing such a vast open world as swiftly as Frey does in this game. And the amount of fluidity in both combat and traversal for an open world game is absolutely unpredecented.


Elden Ring, by far. Followed by Guardians of the Galaxy. Been a slow start to the generation, with delays and Covid affecting game launches.

With GoW Ragnarok releasing within the next couple of weeks that will likely contend my top choice.
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If we are talking exclusive stuff. For PlayStation I’d say Stray, I didn’t think I would like a cat game but I really enjoyed it especially the atmosphere and pacing of it.

For Xbox, fuck all I’m sad to say, I play the multi platform stuff on it. Got bored very quickly with more Halo and Forza in particular. I’m hoping Hellblade 2 comes out next year and is great


It’s just one of the only ‘next gen only games’.

Everything else is cross gen, apart from Returnal, DeS (if you count it) and Flight Sim.
That's what I'm thinking too. Almost all of the games I've played on ps5 are cross gen: hfw, elden ring, tunic, nobody saves the world.

Returnal and demons soul definitely benefit from that

Edit: forgot ASTRO! That's probably my favorite current gen game cause I haven't tried demons soul yet
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If only on nexgen, it’s demons souls, ratchet, and returnal . If on anything, prob Elden ring and I haven’t played horizon 2 yet.
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