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Whazzup Homie!!! - NeoGAF Members You'd Like To Meet


@Ass of Can Whooping
@Punished Miku
Ailynn Ailynn
Bo_Hazem Bo_Hazem
ethomaz ethomaz
GymWolf GymWolf
@Saint Boot

Wave Hello GIF by Hazelnut Blvd
Just schedule the party and send the invites.

Just take your time and choose a date way ahead to allow me get some Air Plane company deal :D
HaloGAF counts as one right? Old and new, well half of old.

Stinkles (interesting dude who is funny and articulate with a ton of stories).

Cooking GAF, cause you need food to go with beers.

Bonus 4th rule breaker - Strippers and blow event with "(NSFW) Tits look so good on TV" crew.
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