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Why are people excited about starfield?


Pedigree. Pretty simple. I am not excited yet because I am just not into sci-fi very much. I am excited to see what Avowed is about since I am a big fan of medieval combat. Wolverine as well since I have faith in Insomniac. If I only heard a name for the next From Software game, I'd be excited for that too. It isn't that serious.


Game sounds like more of the same from Bethesda. Definitely not for me.

Lmao. Going from a game set in a fantasy world with dragons and spells to a game set centuries in the future with sci-fi space craft, space travel and multiple worlds.

‘More of the same’

Just say you’re unhappy it’s an xbox exclusive and move on. There’s a reason nobody on GAF has ever put forward this BS excuse before.


Sigh, i dont know why people are excited for this. Todd's gonna steal your money again. Did yall forget Fallout 76 so soon?

There's no gameplay to even give you an idea of what to expect and yet you get hyped/excited? Like how....

There’s at least 20 posts above yours from people explaining why they’re excited. Try reading up?

Not sure how you can say people have no idea what to expect. There’s Concept art, an in-engine trailer and multiple blogposts and interviews detailing parts of the world.
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