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Why do pc gamers cheat so much?

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It seems like every multiplayer shooter gets overwhelmed by cheaters on the pc. I am not saying that it doesn’t happen on consoles but the pc guys take it to another level. Devs now have to use resources to prevent cheating. Having said that are the cheaters exploiting something the developers slipped on?
I use trainers in single player games sometimes, as someone said in this thread, just because I can.

I dont play online mp games on pc tho


Because someone told them they were the master race and they do not want to perform below expectations. They are expected to easily shoot people through walls or get headshots with every bullet. It is another tier of skill that they have to live up to.



People that are used to tweaking individual settings for each game and tailor thier PC to improve performance on a specific game will have more propensity to be open to going through the work to mod a game, not to mention they only need software to mod to cheat.

Lazy ass console games like me that will only be willing to open plastic wrap, insert game, wait for update to download most likely are gonna find all those steps to be extra work I ain’t got time for


No clue. But some of the biggest culprits are free to play games these days, so I guess that says a lot.

I've never understood the concept at all.


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It’s the exact reason why there shouldn’t be an easy mode in dark souls. People do thing just because it’s there and it always cheapens the experience.


It happens, but it happens less than people say it does. Most (effective) cheats cost money - and not just a one-time purchase either. We're talking ongoing monthly subs, sometimes up to/over $100. Kids can't afford the good ones.

It's easy to accuse people of cheating on PC, but more often than not, you're just getting outplayed and are looking for an excuse.
In my 20+ years of PC gaming, I have never had the need to cheat in an MP game. Not because I was great at it, but because I don't have a fragile ego. When I get curb stomped in a match I just shrug it off and say "gg". My theory is that the people cheating are mostly those that get their sandwich slapped out of their hand during lunch in school, or adults who get yelled at work by their superior so they want to feel like they dominate at least someone.


It's easier to access the code on pc. If it was just as easy on console, you'd have just as many do it.

People downplaying it are ridiculous. I've had cheaters in every multiplayer game I've ever played on PC.


Because bums will do anything they can to gain an advantage. The only thing that blows my mind is that even with the advantage, they're still garbage.

And if you're one of them whores in this thread, just know, you got to be some serious ass cheeks to cheat and still can't make it to the top. Do better, fraud.


Cores, shaders and BIOS oh my!
People cheat everywhere, on console it's not so easy to modify game files (so there are weird hardware solutions instead bozos actually buy) but on PC, well, it's a PC. It happened on Wii too because it was easy to modify game files there too, as it was easy to pirate and load games off USB etc.
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I ever see hackers online on PC.
I've been online gaming since BF 1942, that's nearly 20 years and I reckon I've seen less than 50 hackers.
The only hackers i can actually remember were on pubg a few years ago and were floating about the map with probably autoaim.


i have played PUBG PC a lot and found that most hackers are from china. For some reason they are doing these cheating.
Yeah fucking cheaters. I don't mind them though, for I have acquired skill and proficiency since I was young, and now in my old age I have lost none of my potency.

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Simple because a lot of PC gamers are nerds who live in mums basement and spit their dummy out when told off or lose. These are the same guys who harass women online etc. Basically sad loser types who don't live in the actual real world.
Black ops 2 had *insane* amounts of cheating on consoles. So much the superior experience was on PC, because of dedicated servers and TAC/VAC protection.
There's still plenty of cheating on consoles with various devices and techniques.

Not really true.

Played some TDM games on BlOps 2 on PC where the whole opposing team was cheaters.
Put the proof on BlOps2 Steam forum, everybody said "u suck, git gud" sent the vid to @pc_dev and after a short while all of them had a game ban.

On PlayStation I don't remember seeing any cheaters in BlOps 2.
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