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Why is PS5/Xbox Series called next gen when its current?


This drives me insane. I don't understand it. Before the consoles released they were next generation consoles. PS5 and Xbox Series has been out for about 10 months now almost a year. Ps4 and Xbox One are not current gen. If they were current gen devs would prioritize making Xbox One and PS4 the best version of a game.

If you don't have a Xbox Series or PS5 you are playing on a last gen console. You are behind one console generation.

Maybe I am wrong I don't get this.


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It’s even weirder when many of us have PCs too.
Is ray-tracing a next gen graphics technology?
Is fast SSDs next gen hardware?
Is the upcoming Cyberpunk next gen patch already here?
And what about Switch? Is it a next gen console?


It's not, there's current gen and dead gen, dead gen always drags current gen into the shitter for at least 1 year, but this time around it'll be longer because COVID(yea right) and because these machines are being scalped more than bought in the traditional way.

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Because it's honestly barely even started, so still feels next gen and doesn't feel current. We've had like 3 PS5 only games and that's it.


Usually it takes 1 year to stop call them next gen but due to Covid the lack of PS5 and Series X in markets creates a sense that we have not started next gen yet....also new great games only avaliable for those consoles sums to this sense.


Next-gen is often a colloquialism for the cutting edge.
This happens with every new console gen. It takes a year or so for the majority of people to become familiar with the new consoles being the current gen since were still in that cross-gen period.

It's similar to when people sometimes think it's still the previous year after new years.


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Probably arbitrary since I ebayed my PS4 Pro and Xbox One X happily thinking "I'll grab a PS5 in a few months."

it's been almost a year and they're still unavailable. How do you lot all have seven PS5s and a cadre of Xbox products?! Bastards the lot of you.

Still need to see how TLOU2 ends dammit.

Thank god for PC and Switch.


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It drives me mad that people complain about this every generation. The vast majority of gamers still are on PS4/Xbox One, not PS5/Series X. PS4 is really just as much current-gen as PS5 is.

It's easiest to refer to them as next-gen and last-gen during the transition months/year. That way there is no confusion which consoles you're referring to.
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For someone with Perfect Dark as an avatar, I would've thought you'd be old enough to know this happens every generation.


OP, you're not wrong. They're technically "current" gen consoles.

But historically speaking there's always been a transition period. The first year or so we get the cross-gen phase in which almost none of the "next-gen" features are fully implemented thus most still refer to them as next-gen as most of the goodies have yet to bear fruit.
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