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Why is the industry abandoning split screen co-op?

Probably not many people use this feature. Companies are collecting data all the time you’re connected so they know what is trending or not.


When modern games are a cross gen releases derived from PC ports the “work” argument is quite overrated. Seriously, for a PS5/XbSX take the steam deck/Switch/PC low settings and boom, split screen optimized is ready.

This is just plainly a reflection of the times. People won’t drive over to a friends house enough and local play doesn’t sell enough DLC/online subscriptions for folks.

We basically have Nintendo and Indies keeping this alive for the most part.
If the industry is abandoning it, it means that the market is probably rejecting it or at least not penalizing its absence. At the end of the day, the decision is in the hands of the consumer and the consumer seems to not care.


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Its a lot of work to cover the same bases already covered in many instances by online multiplayer.


Like most people said

- Not many people use split screen anymore
- Development cost and time
- Most games have multi-player already
- Games started using "full screen" to play MP games aka zoomed out camera to fit 4 players at the same time.


Because the Xbox Series S can't do it.

Minecraft, 4 player splitscreen. Apart from the weather it worked.

Xbox has a lot of splitscreen games. Old and newish.

Also remote play works well on the pc side.
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Nintendo made it mandatory to have a 2nd controller in the box ever sinc3 the NES, and only strayed from that path in Wii-U.
Nintendo always assumed there is a 2nd player in the room.
SNES was the last Nintendo console to be packaged with 2 controllers.
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I'm here just waiting for Diablo 4, hoping it haves co-op campaign in consoles just like Diablo 3. One of the games I play the most with my wife.


Honestly Split Screen coop haven't been necessary since most people got broadband internet. So we coming up on 20 years soon.


because gamers are unsocial nerds who dont have IRL friends 🤓

or online killed it
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Developers would rather not go through the trouble of making the console render 2, 3, or 4 instances of the game at once when most people just play online.

Switch is the console for people who have IRL friends anyways.
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