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Will Elden Ring be better than Bloodborne?

Bloodborne or Elden Ring?

  • Bloodborne

    Votes: 169 50.8%
  • Elden Ring

    Votes: 164 49.2%

  • Total voters


Elden ring will be absolutely fantastic but no way can it be better than bloodborne, open world is just spread out version of dark souls with up to date mechanics and graphics.

Bloodborne is arguably the best game ever made.

I am more than happy to be wrong believe me, I've bought the premium collectors edition, bought an 83" lg oled, 2 three seater reclining sofas and redecorated my bedroom and turned it into a big tv home theatre gaming room for the launch of elden ring but I'm only expecting a great game, not perfection.

I played 9 hours of the network test by the way.


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I enjoyed both Sekiro and Bloodborne but at the same time I'm not exactly expecting Elden Ring to be like them or I want them to.

But I like the direction they taking with Elden Ring's combat.
Is staggering a guarantee as long as you get their stamina bar depleted? I’ve seen some footage of the NT. I get it, utilize R2 more than you’re use to. R1’s will not make the fight go by quicker because you aren’t depleting their stamina as fast.

In Bloodborne, you could get a lot of critical hits with a well timed pistol shot. Elden Ring, like Dark Souls, is more or less the same, but with the stamina element thrown in from Sekiro. So to excel at Elden Ring, you should utilize R2 or heavy hits in order to stagger or perform critical attacks on enemies/bosses.


I don't think they're comparable; it's not easy to fine tune in such an open world like Elden Ring.

Bloodborne was a special game, hopefully Elden Ring will grab me just as much.
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In Bloodborne, you could get a lot of critical hits with a well timed pistol shot.
Pistol shots parry only works on human size or mid size enemies not big enemies in Bloodborne, for example in Ludwig fight you have to hit his head to staggered him.


Bloodborne really changed things up, while the core gameplay of Elden Ring looks like Dark Souls.

Elden Ring is essentially a logical evolution of DS. Demon's had closed levels accessible via hub, Dark souls already went interconnected but not fully open. Elden Ring is a fully open world Souls game. It might come with typical open world tropes, more travel with less to do inbetween, smaller dungeons in general. We don't really know yet.

But BB and Souls are different in terms of mechanics. I think its going to be hard to compare BB and ER. The question for me is if Elden Ring is actually a worthy Souls successor and if the open world works within the confinements of this franchise.

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Can you dodge in Elden ring like you can in bloodborne?
That'll play a major factor for me

Yes actually, well very similar, I’m sure someone will analyse frame by frame, but it’s a move set also similar to DS3’s dagger dodge, but it’s been seen with other weapon class in Elden ring

Peoples have to understand something here about Elden ring, there’s weapon arts and move sets that are gained from boss battles and chests, they can completely change the way to play the game and god knows the diversity we’ll see with such a big game. The weapon arts/move sets from items are weapon class independent.

You can block effectively with weapons now, not just shields. You have Sekiro like parries, Sekiro like jump, Sekiro like stamina bars on enemies for special attacks with high damage..
The customization will be nuts.


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You can block effectively with weapons now, not just shields.
Yeah I heard about the counter block, really excited about that mechanic, it gonna be less like Demons Souls or Dark Souls that you have to play very defensively.
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It would be a shame if ELDEN RING turned out 'worse' than Bloodborne since From had enough time to evolve the formula.

However no doubt some fans will still like BB more because of the setting/level design so apples and oranges


I'm positive it will be better than Bloodborne.
If it's good it will be my first Souls game i will be playing.


Bloodborne isn't the best Souls game anyway. It was great but was also pushed back by the PS4 hardware. 30fps and horrible frame pacing hurt the game. Also the visuals, while great, lacked the variety of Dark Souls 3.

I hope Elden Ring will be like a more open Dark Souls 3.
Better than Bloodborne is very much a subjective metric, I'm sure there will be people who feel both ways. I think perhaps the more important thing is that it will be different to Bloodborne, it does seem to very much be an evolution of the traditional Souls franchise rather than the likes of Sekiro and Bloodborne. They both still very much share much of the DNA that the Souls series has but they do some things very differently.
Of course, even the four Souls games change quite a bit from game to game.
Not long to go now, not watched a video or read anything about it for a VERY long to avoid as much info as possible but from the titles of the previews the game has received, it does really seem to be going down very well with people, even the people who are really into these games.


We havent played it yet so its impossible to tell.

I loved Dark Souls, its a top 10 game of mine but what made me give the edge to Bloodborne was the atmosphere and world. I loved Dark Souls too but Bloodborne’s Victorian/Gothic inspiration with the love craft horror is my favourite


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Logically, Eldin Ring should be better than Bloodborne as it is a newer game with more features and content.
This thread just made me remember I'd kill every single one of you motherfuckers to get a Bloodborne remake. Or at least a PS5 upgrade.

Now I'm sad. :messenger_anguished:


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This thread just made me remember I'd kill every single one of you motherfuckers to get a Bloodborne remake. Or at least a PS5 upgrade.

Now I'm sad. :messenger_anguished:
I dont want remake, Bloodborne's visual already great and DO NOT want Bluepoint mess with enemy/boss design like they did with Demons Souls remake.

A simple remaster is enough, most people just to see this game run 60 FPS.


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Elden Ring is based on a culmination of everything we’ve done with the Dark Soulsseries and with our games thus far,” Miyazaki told Edge. Adding that FromSoftware wants to “create a brand-new whole that wouldn’t have been possible before.”

“We wanted to create this world that was full of the joy of exploration of the unknown,” he continued. “So we wanted to create lots of enticing things for the budding adventurer. Variety is something we strived for when creating this game, and something I believe we’ve managed to achieve.”

“I believe it will be our best [game] to date.”

Everything we will see in Elden Ring could not have been possible without Bloodborne. That’s fair, right? Even Miyazaki says Elden Ring is their best game to date.


For my money? Doubtful. But then, Bloodborne is the only Fromsoft game that's really clicked with me.

Objectively, who knows?


Bloodborne universe looks more appealing and the open world element of Elden Ring does not inspire too much confidence to me. I just don't see, at this point, why a souls game would improve by making it open world.


One thing i love about Souls games is the level design, how you unlock shortcuts and how the diferent zones conect to eachother.
I used to feel like that for demon's souls / dark souls (1st half), but since they introduced teleportation right from the beginning of the games in dark souls 2, it never felt the same. You don't feel as connected to the world, the shortcuts feel useless, it's not the same level of immersion. I wish they would go back to a level design with no, or at least less teleportations, because that's really what I loved when I discovered dark souls 1.


being exclusive and all, for a part of the userbase bloodborne will be unbeatable np matter what.

as for what will happen, i think that much like people still debate about ds3 vs BB, the same uncertainty will repeat here even if elden ring is a smash hit


I fully expect Elden Ring to be amazing but Bloodborne is GOAT tier so I doubt it will be better

Art and atmosphere - Bloodborne

Everything else - Elden Ring.

This is how I expect it to play out.

Level design, bosses and OST will be tough to beat.
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