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Will Elden Ring be better than Bloodborne?

Bloodborne or Elden Ring?

  • Bloodborne

    Votes: 169 50.8%
  • Elden Ring

    Votes: 164 49.2%

  • Total voters


On the basis of the 45mins I got to test last night, this game is Dark Souls 2-2.

I can't quite put my finger on what it is specifically that makes it remind me so much of that particular entry, but that's the vibe I got.

I stress though, that's not a bad thing. I love DS2 and I'm not saying that it feels more like that game to play than any other Souls title (because it clearly is of a piece with all Miyazaki's previous games), its just the world seems reminiscent specifically of Drangleic. Although I'd also say that there's a very Bloodborne-esque look to some of the more monstrous enemies.
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