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Will Microsoft’s acquisitions improve market share?


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Elder scrolls is a extremely old game. Its not generating the kind of revenue that would be missed on playstation.

You can't be serious right? The last entry blew past 30m years ago. What makes you think a new iteration of a game that is still being played today (one of the most popular VR titles) is not going to sell or command attention.

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Use your head man. 70% of the sales for Call of duty are on playstation. You think they are just going to throw that away? Stop talking about games that haven't released and aren't currently generating revenue (Starfield, Elder Scrolls, and Redfall) are all not making significant money on playstation, so there is no reason for them to bother releasing those games on that platform. Like I said, existing titles that are selling large numbers on playstation will continue to be sold on playstation until end of this generation.
Microsoft literally could not care less about that revenue. They are a $2tril company, revenue is not their problem or care for Xbox at the moment. Have a look at Microsoft’s revenue figures per quarter. Do you think they’re just itching for a 70% cut of 10 million game sales a year from PlayStation at the expense of growing their business that they just invested $77 billion dollars in the last 18 months into?

What they want to do is be the dominant market force in video games. You don’t do that by making games for the competitors console, helping them stay ahead of you. How does that make any sense at all?

Why do Microsoft not sell Halo Infinite on PS5? They’d probably have sold 20 million copies of it on PS4 alone.

Existing titles that have already released will stay, just like Bethesda games like doom eternal and fallout 76 did. Future releases in those franchises absolutely will not, and anyone thinking they will is just straight up delusional.

Did Sony release the third party IP Spider Man on Xbox after they bought insomniac? If they were to make a Sunset overdrive 2 do you think Sony will release it on Xbox?
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Elder scrolls is a extremely old game. Its not generating the kind of revenue that would be missed on playstation.
The last Elder scrolls game has sold around 30 million copies. so there is little to no evidence the next installment will not be in huge demand, Microsoft have lots of different revenue streams and lots of cash, the gaming division is a long term prospect for them, with their main goal of this and all of their business operating on a subscription based service, so getting more Xbox Consoles into homes along with the P.C market and mobile is paramount, the more big name exclusives they have will help expedite this.

And I can also suggest any loss in earnings from COD appearing on the Playstation will be a drop in the ocean to them, you are thinking way to small with all this.
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Kagey K

Elder scrolls is a extremely old game. Its not generating the kind of revenue that would be missed on playstation.
I love this short thinking. I hope that energy keeps up.

Keep everyone on its toes.

As long as it's doing good now. It's great.


Microsoft keeps buying studios but their output doesn’t reflect that at all. And most of their heavy hitters are years away.

The Activision takeover won’t change much as it would be a dumb business decision to take away PlayStation players and this 30-40% of the player base on COD.
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