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Would You Pay For A Mid-Gen PS5 Pro Or Xbox Series X Upgrade?

Would You Pay For A Mid-Gen PS5 Pro Or Xbox Series X Upgrade?

  • Yes

    Votes: 108 41.1%
  • No

    Votes: 72 27.4%
  • Maybe

    Votes: 42 16.0%
  • I’ll wait for Next-Gen

    Votes: 23 8.7%
  • I’d rather buy a High-End PC instead

    Votes: 18 6.8%

  • Total voters


Who in their right mind would buy a Series X pro? To play what? The Series S would still hold it back.


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Yes for PS5, no for XSX
The former is a Launch device, the latter i just bought half a year ago.


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Yes for PS5. I probably would sell the XSX to buy the ps5 pro though, so no for xbox. Just get a pc at that point.
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I am very much due for PC upgrade, (3930k / GTX 970) - so I'll go with upgrading my PC - as I both have XSX and PS5.
I found out that most games that I like to play (JRPGs) don't really require PRO performance. Most of them come to PC, with localized language of my preference, (or can be patched) on PC.

Even though I love gaming on consoles and it does provide unique experience - it's been getting more and more PC like anyways.


And end up paying roughly $2.5k for consoles over a generation?


I didn’t buy a PS4 Pro, it was fine. Won’t buy a PS5 Pro either. Now that Sony does PC versions I’ll start waiting on those instead when I feel like I need the definitive editions.

I did buy a Xbox One X though but won’t buy a Xbox Series X Pro, I’ll play the PC versions for the definitive editions.
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Lol, no. We're still playing games that are, essentially, last gen. I haven't seen a new game that I could declare, with confidence, wasn't possible on last gen hardware.

Sony's at least got some first party titles out there, though to be fair, for all their rhetoric, they're still all basically cross gen games save for maybe Ratchet & Clank. Microsoft, on the other hand, is basically DNF-ing this generation. Neither are using the hardware we already bought. Third parties also seem mostly content to cough out poorly optimized last-gen titles running at dynamic 4k with lazy RT shadows and call it a day. We're nearing the three-year mark, and it feels like we're still waiting for this console generation to actually start.
No way, until they start releasing proper next-gen games that doesn't look like PS4 games with higher settings and resolution.

The only games that have impressed me this generation are Demon's Souls, Ratchet & Clank and perhaps The Last of Us Remastered, somewhat. If more games looked like them, there would be 0 reason for a PS5 pro.

Eh, there are 0 reasons for me personally, regardless.


In my mind, Series X was the mid-gen update. I get consoles for comfy configuration convenience and affordability over PC. If I start buying multiple of the same one, they lose that. I actually recently doubled down and got a Switch, an old system that is almost done, just because it is even MORE comfy than Xbox. I'm getting too old to be too into the high-attention games.
This gen hasn't even really started but this year will finally see the proper roll out of Unreal 5 games.
No need for a mid gen refresh at all for either console. Just push this gen and launch brand new consoles in 3 years time

I like to get back to totally brand new consoles every 5 to 6 years
Maybe. Depends on how big of an upgrade, and how much it costs. When the PS4 Pro was released, EB did some pretty good trade deals here in Australia so would hopefully expect something similar if they did do a PS5 Pro.
I would buy both if I could. I wouldn't be able to play for example Spiderman 2 on the PS5 knowing that it was better on a PS5 Pro. Even if it was just 60fps in the quality preset. The same urge is there for the PC but something like a 4090 is so out of reach I have no choice to accept lower performance but a PS5 Pro would be likely financially in reach.


As it looks now, with development cycle of current gen(so not crossgen but current gen) games, it will be needed at least 4 maybe 5 years for new one, of high quality, so we are probably stuck till 2030 till new console gen arrives.

Now question from me to all those ppl who dont wanna midgen upgrades- do u guys are really prepaired to be stuck with ur trusty base ps5, xsx or even xss for next 7 and a half years ;D
No there is zero point at all.

Hell, the PS5 pretty much IS a mid gen upgrade. Most of the games coming out are cross gen and the ones that aren't run with last gen graphics at 60fps. There's no reason like there was last gen when most games ran at 30fps.
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PS5 Pro?



PS5 Pro in an instant, Series X Pro no chance. Really struggling to find a reason to keep my series X, just hoping for some good exclusives that make me couch game. I have gamepass Ultimate and am about to finish Atomic heart on PC because of it but currently PS5 gets all my love in the living room and would jump at the chance of more power there.


I dont think it will happen and i dont want it to happen. I prefer the next fen of consoles to arrive a year earlier than having mid gen updates.
Also, in the case of xbox, would it have a series S pro and series X pro or only x pro ?


I cry about SonyGaf from my chair in Redmond, WA
This gen has barely started and people are more interested in mid gen hardwares than games.

I really wanted a XSX at launch because of fomo, but I usually play games on it I got on my pc anyway.

Bought civ 6 on xbox which I'm pleased with, and the GP library has been a little lackluster lately.

The last interesting game was civ 6 which I got on sale for a few bucks.

I got a Switch at release with botw and pokemon but I always end up booting my pc or Xbox.

Now that i got yuzu i play switch games more because I can just boot my pc up and play anything.

Never say never, but console gaming is dead for me as there's nothing interesting for me that I can't play on my pc.

I'm generally tired of modern games. They are copy paste of each other with big empty worlds.

I'm revisiting the entire PS1 library on pc, gaming on switch, play wow, and will continue to PS2 in 8 years when I'm done with the PS1 library lol.


Absolutely not.

If I want higher framerates, better image quality, better upscaling, and better RT I will play on my PC.

I think mid-gen refresh will sell worse this gen than last, last gen there was a good reason, 4K. This gen you're still going to be stuck with middling RT performance and the games look good enough on the 10-12 Tflop machines.


Depends on how big the upgrade is and what the pricing is.
Looking at the trend with recent UE4 games like Redfall (30fps only) and Jedi Survivor (running at less than 720p in performance mode and still getting tons of drops) it seems like as soon as the UE5 games start dropping 30fps will return with a vengeance. So I'd consider an upgrade that gives us consistent 60fps at decent resolutions
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