Xbox Elite Series 2 Core announced for $129.99


Honestly I think its aimed at people that bought the Elite before and their controller broke so now they can replace just the controller and use all the paddles from their broken controller
Sad but true as far as I can tell. Also it's dated as fuck now, based on the Xbox One S controller from 2013! Where is the Series 3 Elite based on the Series Console pad that is now nearly 2 years old.


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20th anniv series controller is very solid, got rubber grips and is damn transparent !
and got em battery doors
Easily my favorite controller. I wish that they would make some Elite 3 in this aesthetic.


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Got one in the mail yesterday. The color is ok, the face buttons though feel like they have a shorter travel distance than the elite 1 or elite 2. I did a side by side (totally not scientific) and the core controller felt shorter and harder (not mushy) than the other two.
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