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Xbox Game Pass Titles for Mid February 2022


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- Mass Effect Trilogy (cloud)

Feb 17

- Lawn Mowing Simulator
- Madden NFL 22
- Warhammer 3

Feb 22
- Roboquest Feb 24
- Galactic Civilizations III
- Super Mega Baseball 3

Feb 28
- Alice: Madness Returns
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We ain't outta here in ten minutes, we won't need no rocket to fly through space
Kinda hard to argue with the rest when Warhammer is a day one release. No way I'd spend £50 to check that thing out but I certainly will as a GP game.


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Would be great if Madness Returns included the first game.

And maybe if every Game Pass subscriber plays this game, we might get Alice: Asylum! (wishful thinking)
That's a shame.

Wouldn't matter anyway. February and March are overpacked already with new releases across all three platforms, I doubt I'll be looking at GamePass too much for a while.
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I had such a hassle getting the Steam Madden 22 to launch that I refunded it. Let's see if this version works.
Hope Warhammer runs on my laptop. Also maybe time to finally learn handegg?

Generally a weak month though, I agree.
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If I didn't have all of my warhammer on content on steam then this would be easy but since I don't... this mid feb drop isn't that appealing. The month hasn't been bad though or the last 2 months. Just more for specific gamers.


Finally I can play Alice Madness Return, I remember buying it on Steam a decade ago and letting a friend playing first with my account, but he register in a EA shit with his email (the he doesn't even remember anymore) and being blocked to play it myself because for some reason EA won't let me play the game I bought right out from Steam.

I couldn't even buy it again in the same platform and just forgot it existed till now.
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They already know, we are all going to be playing Elden Ring, why release anything of quality that will just be ignored? ;)


Man, if cyberpunk comes to gamepass I'm gonna be mad and I swear I will never buy a game again (only fromsoftware's)
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