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Xbox Insiders – Your feedback shapes the new Home experience

Do you like the look of the new Xbox Home experience

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Starting this week, users in the Alpha Skip-Ahead and Alpha rings will be able to preview a new version of their Home experience. This updated design incorporates the feedback we’ve heard from you along with all the learnings from our earlier experiments.

As we mentioned when we paused our experiments last month, we heard you tell us that the changes to the top of Home felt crowded and didn’t leave enough space for you to enjoy your background. So, we designed hundreds of options, then refined with prototypes and finally user-tested in our Research labs until we found one we hope you’ll love. It balances the experience, accessibility, function, and the needs of our community. We are excited to hear what you think!

This new version of Home:

  1. Provides easy navigation to your library, the Microsoft Store, Xbox Game Pass, search, and settings at the very top of your Home by introducing a new quick access menu.
  2. Simplifies the layout and makes more space for you to see your background by reducing the size of some of the tiles and moving them to the bottom of the screen.
  3. Adds a responsive game art feature to update the default background and show off the beautiful art associated with each title when you hover over the tiles.
We’ve also updated the tile that opened “My games & apps” (the first tile in the second row), to let you know when there’s something new or needs your attention. As the experience is not final, you may see updates either from your library or the Microsoft Store. For example, if there are items from your wish list on sale, you may get an update that shows up on your Home in that tile.

We want to thank all the selected Xbox Insiders who have taken part in the experiments for the feedback you’ve shared with us. Your feedback is a key part of our process, and our team will continue to work hard to tweak and grow these experiences based on what we hear from you.

How to get Xbox Insider support and share your feedback

If you’re an Xbox Insider looking for support, please join our community on the Xbox Insider subreddit. Official Xbox staff, moderators, and fellow Xbox Insiders are there to help. We always recommend adding to threads with the same issue before posting a brand new one. This helps us support you the best we can! Don’t forget to use “Report a problem” before posting—the information shared in both places helps us understand your issue better.

Thank you to every Xbox Insider in the subreddit today. We love that it has become such a friendly and community-driven hub of conversation and support.

For more information on the Xbox Insider Program follow us on Twitter at @XboxInsider and this blog for release notes, announcements, and more. Keep an eye on future Xbox Insider Release Notes for more information regarding your Xbox Update Preview ring.

If you’d like to help create the future of Xbox and get access to new features download the Xbox Insider Hub on your Xbox Series X|S or Xbox One. Share with us what your dream gaming community looks like and help shape the future of gaming!

I like the look of that


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I like, how it looks, but …
1. The images are loading too slow. Doesn’t feel instant enough.
2. Please stop with tiles like „Choose your audio while gaming“ – they feel like these loading screens where you get hints like „Press A to jump“ :D – useless information.


uses 'M$' - What year is it? Not 2002.
It looks great until you have to scroll down and everything is a game pass ad and store ad


I'm trying to figure that out. Seems you have to get the Xbox Insider app from the Xbox store. I then joined the "Xbox Update" preview. I'm not sure what happens next though.
Will give it a go as well, let me know if you end up figuring it out please :messenger_grinning_sweat:


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Now you just have to wait. Keep in mind that this new dash is only available to the alpha and alpha skip ahead rings. IIRC you can not enter those rings if you just joined the program.

App says I'm in the Omega, but I don't see where to join Alpha.


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Looks way better. Both consoles struggle with this though. Press down on the PS5 and you're hit with the endless scroll bullshit too.

Xbox just dump it right in your face. Though to be honest, ever since we started installing games, the most elegant solution Sony came up with was folders - or effectively window 3.1

I didn't have an xbox then so I'm assuming it was that metro or tiles. I only had the PS4.

The reality is neither manufacturer (or Nintendo) have come up with anything innovative for the 'game library' age. Nothing clever which curates which titles are pushed to the front (e.g. maybe raid night on Destiny 2 is Friday so that game will appear first on those days). They are marginally better and worse than each other in different areas.

This is better from an aesthetic point of view but still relies on the same UX/Functionality. Until someone really has a light bulb moment, were stuck with different sized boxes in differing layouts. Either press right until you hit the game you want, or have more boxes in rows to get there quicker.

In my opinion, AI can solve this problem or push games to the front that are relevant at various times/moments.
Can they also update the achievements and how they are shown. Also give us a platinum equivalent for 💯 %ing the base game. Please and thank you 👍🏻.

I look forward to seeing how they refine this during the coming months.


So instead of looking like 80% worse than the PS5 UI, now it "only" looks 30% worse than the PS5 UI. That's at least something.
But my main issue with the xbox ui is actually not how it looks, its the way how everything is hard to reach within the ui. Trying to check the current download queue? A big hassle, at least compared to the PS5.


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Garbage. For the company that gave us the legendary Blades (fast, practical, works) I'm shocked that they went to "NXE" or whatever that trash was called, then shitty metro and this disaster ever since.


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I was surprised to see that it looks pretty much like what I already see, forgetting that my consoles are in the insider program.
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