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Yakuza: Like A Dragon, what is going on with all these cutscenes!


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I feel like every dialog scene lasts for twice as long as it needs to. They have a gift for yapping on and on needlessly.

Thankfully at least the characters are far more likeable than your typical JRPG shounen twats.


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Not sure about the gameplay in Like A Dragon because they've switched up to turn based combat, but overall I would say you should stick with it. Obviously if you hate the story then you may not enjoy it, but all of the Yakuza games are super cutscene heavy, and yet they have more fun, dense, and meaningful worlds than most open world games if you can make it past the intro. I've got hundreds of hours into the series and I've only played 0, Kiwami 1 & 2, 3, and 4


Yakuza games are cut scene heavy at the start, once the second or third chapter begins you can do other shit and avoid the story, for example I spent two hours training people in a dojo the other night. Once you unlock things like fight club, cabaret management, etc, those become the time sinks where you can waste hours just on gameplay without touching story.


Shouldn't be too surprising for the type of RPG it is, of course being a Yakuza game as well. So you get the best of both worlds, haha. It does thin out in that region as you move forward.


Just go along for the ride OP.

It will open up. But man...if you aren't enjoying the cutscenes...I don't know what to tell you. Maybe Yakuza is not for you.
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Yakuza and Judgement are RPG's first, action games second. As such, there is a lot of dialog involved. Only the main quest has a lot of cutscenes, the side quests are mostly text based conversations.

They can be skipped too but I think you would miss a lot of the charm.


Like a Dragon is one of the best.

But it does have some cheap parts where it kind of forces you to grind levels, perhaps a downside of this being a bonafide JRPG.
They are cinematic heavy games but I wouldn't call them "movie games", as even with all those cutscenes the Yakuza titles often offer more gameplay variety than whatever anyone could consider a movie game.
Yakuza seems like a series i should like on paper but they bore me to death. Got about 6 hours into Kiwami and about 20 hours into Like A Dragon before I just couldn’t go any further.

It’s so tedious


I tried Yakuza, but the story was super meh. So I started skipping cutscenes, then realized how average to bad gameplay was overall. Haven't played Like a Dragon yet, gameplay might be better as it is not a beat'em all.


Top tier yakuza game, definitely among my favourites and that series has alot of good games.

Keep at it, it Soon starts letting you play more and the games got alot of content.

Legit one of my favourite games last year, it takes a bit to get going but it gets so good

OP, may I introduce you to a man called Kojima....
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typical japanese writing means endless unintentional cringe.

Always make me wonder what type of content people who say this is awesome consume, aside of anime.


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I cracked this one open a few days ago, and have probably close to 10 hours in. Japanese audio, English subtitles.

This game is frickin awesome. I was annoyed at the number and length of cutscenes at first, but once I realized how well done they were, and how interesting the characters and story are, I actually started to look forward to them.

It's a brilliant game. Marvelously well-crafted. It's at once both laughably ludicrous and endearingly grounded, all while being refreshingly self-aware. I'll likely see this one through to the end.

It's scratching the hell out of the JRPG itch I've had for quite some time.
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