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Yeah...already seen it


Does anyone else get sent links to YouTube videos and articles on topics you read about 3 days prior on forums/social media? I regularly peruse forums and reddit etc and will read something on a particular gaming topic, and then a few days later the YouTube news regurgitation folks and games websites start making videos/articles about said thing...and then acquaintances send me links to videos/articles. I always feel like a douchbag replying "yeah, seen it."

The struggle is real. Anyone else enduring this existential first world problem of a nighmare?


The worst part is when companies try to get in on it and start using phrases that were once "trending" to be cool and relevant.


Having seen it can be a bridge to skip watching it and going straight to talking about it if it's worth talking about. If it's an empty share with low expectations, throw an emoji (wait X minutes for authenticity if you like) and call it a day.
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