Your parents favorite movie

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Weird topic but I was curious what are your old or young parents into? What is that one movie they always rewatch or used to watch/rewatch on TV if they got a chance?

My folks always rewatch Black Cat, White Cat.

I mean they always love when Die Hard is on TV but this movie? Damn, they go crazy over it. I enjoyed it as well but not as much as they do.


Together it was probably Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. They quoted it all the time when I was a kid and I assumed it sucked because obviously anything your parents like sucks.

Finally watched it in college and was howling with laughter. Called them the next day to tell them how much I loved it and all they could do was laugh and say “we told you so for 20 years!”


No idea about my dad, he barely watches movies. I’m not sure what my mom’s all time favorites are too, though I remember when I showed her Zombieland years ago she said after finishing it that it honestly might be one of her favorite movies.


The 13th Warrior

My mother is a big fan of this movie.

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Good idea for a topic OP. We watched tons of movies together but I never thought to ask my parents outright what their favorites are.

If I had to guess, my mom's is probably White Christmas (the old Christmas musical from the 50s) and my dad's is Braveheart.
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This is a good question that I now have to ask my parents. I'm pretty sure I have a wrong answer. My mother, I really don't know. She watches Hallmark garbage constantly, so she loves that type of stuff, but I know she likes a bunch of regular movies. Still no clue what her favorite might be. She watches way more movies than my father.

My father's might be O Brother Where Art Thou, because I know he loves the soundtrack. But, I'm guessing I'm wrong. It's way too new. He's in his 70s.


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Dad had a bunch.... the last boy scout always stood out, so did terminator, alien, and predator. Last thing he made me desperately watch was The accountant. He had a very particular taste.

My mom doesn't watch movies.


My dad is a big Western guy. I'm not 100% sure specifically which movie is his favorite, but I think I recall him saying it was The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

My mom's favorite is Cinema Paradiso or La Vita è Bella.


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Dad's favourites were standard Dad movies. Dambusters, The Great Escape, Bridge on the River Kwai. Also a massive Bond fan, specifically Roger Moore era.

Mum's is The King and I.
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Titanic. Only because it’s the only movie I’ve ever seen my mom watch. And I don’t think she even watched it to the end.
Coming to America. Only because it’s the only movie I’ve ever seen my dad watch.
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