Your top underrated games


Outriders - gameplay-wise it was my favourite 3rd person action game in 2021 and I played through the campaign twice as different classes. People Can Fly seemed to take learnings from their development stint on Gears Judgement and made combat better and more aggressive than Gears. The game has lots of faults too, but I say just skip through the cut scenes and have fun.


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I agree, Prey is seriously underrated

A man after my heart :lollipop_smiling_hearts:
The first Witcher is super underappreciated. Since it doesn't share the AAA control scheme all games must use, it's a bit too awkward for most people to adjust to its controls. It's got my favorite writing and music in the series.
Middle-earth: Shadow of War's not unheard of, but because it launched with a full year of microtransactions, people never gave it a fair shot. I can totally believe it was an awful experience that year, but once they patched out all the microtransactions and rebalanced the game, it became an amazing experience. I love that game to death.
Assassin's Creed Unity is another game with a reputation forever sullied by its launch. Post-patch, it's one of the series' most polished games, oddly enough! I'm not joking your ass.

I dunno many unheard of games though :lollipop_crying:
There are two Battlefront games on PSP which I believe would be universally beloved if they had a PC release. Renegade Squadron and Elite Squadron (which is just Battlefront III--seriously, all the material from the leaked BF3 videos made it into this game).
Speaking of which, the Krome Studios version of The Force Unleashed (PS2/PSP/Wii) was pretty overshadowed by the weaker LucasArts version (PC/PS3/360). Krome delivered much better gameplay, level design, and story (better cutscenes, even if lower fidelity, while using the same recorded lines as LucasArts, as well as some additional story content).
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Large list

Herzog Zwei: Genesis
Magician Lord: Neo Geo
Act Raiser: SNES
Rygar: nes
Legend of Zelda 2: nes
Legacy of Kain Blood Omen 2
NFL 2K Series
Killzone 3
Castlevania 2 Simon's Quest: nes
Fire Pro Wrestling series
Shinobi 3: Genesis
Gears 5
Salt and Sanctuary
Bloodstained all 3 of them
Dark Souls II
Bioshock 2
Demon's Souls: PS3
Rouge Leader
Monster Boy and the cursed kingdom
Neutopia Series: TG16(the BEST Zelda clone in gamings history)
WWF No Mercy | VPW 2
Legendary Axe:TG16
Street Fighter Alpha Series
SW The Force Unleashed
Sword Of Vermilion: Genesis

Elden Ring yes Elden Ring



Once someone realizes I'm NOT talking about Original Sin 2, they just shut their brains off. But this is a fun action RPG with some unique mechanics and good design work. Play the PC version or BC on any Xbox.


Beyond All Reason, its the Best RTS around right now and its not even close.

At its core its a Total Annihilation remake with elements of what Supreme Commander did well sprinkled on top.

Doesn't have a full release yet, but even it its current state its a phenomenal game that is very polished. 1 vs 1 is my preferred way to play, but its one of the few RTS that plays and runs incredibly well at player counts as high as 8 vs 8.

All it really needs to take off is a matchmaking system and a few 'influencers' to start showcasing it.

Its currently free to play, with a pretty hardcore community of dedicated players that seems to be steadily growing as more and more discover its brilliance. If RTS is genre that you are sad doesn't have much to offer currently, were disappointed with remakes like planetary annihilation and cancelations of games like C&C generals, this is where you should be looking, it truly is RTS Nirvana.


Nintendo 51 clubhouse games on the switch, It's really fun, especially with non-gamers.
Gamebuilder garage, if you have interest in game dev.
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Galak-Z by 17 Bit.

This little game is criminally underrated, and I find it to be one of the best shooters ever made. Movement based on physics and momentum, enemies who have AI and will actively dogfight you, dodge, flank, retreat, and call for back-up. Various enemy factions who fight each other who you can tactically kite together for massive space brawls. Procedurally generated levels. Numerous weapons upgrades. It’s an indie so it’s not all that deep, but the core I find brilliant.

I‘ve poured more than 1,500 hours into this game and I’m still not tired of it. Sucks that it sold miserably so there won’t be a sequel, but Jake Kazdal knew what was up with this one.
Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

Although I don't like score based rating, but if I was forced to give a score, it has to be at least 95
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Never-fucking-Dead, me bruddah.

Misunderstood and trashed for no other reason than incompetence. Reviewers either didn't even scratch the surface of it, got pissy and took the losing limbs mechanic as some kind of punishment, blabbered and raged about how politically incorrect it was, or, straight up invented some nonsense about it.

Victim of its time really.



I miss that old school comic book panel graphic design that was common in the late 90's/early 00's.
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Check it out if it looks cool and you like turn-based JPRGs with guns and old school hip hop mixed with Neo-Japan. The combat is actually really good and the world has tons of little details and things to interact with.
It's short and budget but it's really cool for what it is.


The Wonderful 101
Dark Souls II
Resident Evil 6
The Evil Within
Metroid Other M
Silent Hill Downpour
Lost Odyssey
The last of Us Part II
Castlevania Lords of Shadow
Shadows of the Empire
Still some of the best, if not the best, destruction physics to this date. Kinda unbelievable how much stuff like that has stagnated in modern times.
It annoys me how we've got all this tech now and it's almost like the industry aren't able to replicate or even come close to what Volition achieved with Red Faction back in 2009 on the the 360 & PS3.



This game was great. Combat is unbelievably satisfying. Whipping one enemy into the air with your hook arm and then slamming them into their buddy never got old. Neither did the 360 degree spin you could do, taking out everyone around you. Some of this stuff needs to make its way into Halo Infinite. The hook arm controls could be a bit finicky, but once you mastered them some of the platforming sections could be a fun challenge. There were a lot of hidden collectibles just out of reach enough to make you want to go for them. The boss battles were cool (some of the Capcom DNA filtered down to the Western developer) and the game was loaded with interesting set pieces. The final levels are hype as fuck and the ending plot twist is off the wall nuts:

Very good OST too:

I'd put the game on the same level as Binary Domain in terms of 7th gen Japanese-y shooters with some interesting ideas.
Yeah but apparently the plot is trash? Something about the guy's wife or something......that's why you have the bionic arm etc.....(correct me if I am wrong)

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Right now, Ghostwire: Tokyo

The Council
- Adventure game on PS4/XBO/PC - It's kind of like Mass Effect dialogue choices but w/ no combat. Takes place during the American Revolution, secret societies and all that. Really cool game. Has puzzles and rewards a good knowledge of history. Lots of story paths to take.
T.R.A.G. (Hard Edge) - PSX game, it's like Resident Evil meets Mega Man Legends
Shining the Holy Ark - Saturn exclusive. Awesome dungeon crawler with gorgeous graphics, great OST/atmosphere, fun battle system.
RE: CVX - One of the best RE titles, story is pretty dumb but in terms of gameplay, it's nearly flawless. One of the best RE OSTs too.
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This was a Probotector/Contra in 3D done right.

I'm not sure if this game was successful or not, but I know that all the kids in the neighbourhood never bought or rented it because of its box art. Gladly my younger sister had the balls.

The best Pong game ever made. All the different takes with the old formule were fantastic.

I'm ashamed, but I loved it. Didn't play it as much as the Snes and N64 games, but liked it a lot more than all the other attempts.

A close second to Streets of Rage 4 as the best side-scrolling beat 'em up



Amazing arcade racer that mix Tron aesthetics, Trackmania and the old Rush games. The fact that the game has a map creating tool also makes it so there are tons of custom tracks in the workshop, making the game practically infinitely replayable.

Oh, and it supports VR

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very niche but skater xl with realism mods on PC has been my go to for the past couple years, steam says only about 600 hours but that's only when I've played the steam installation, actual gameplay is most likely well over 1000 hours


Unsarcastically Elden Ring. Too many people not locking it up for GOTY. It's beyond GOTY and immediately in serious GOAT contention.

Days Gone is another recent one that comes to mind. Maybe the perf turned people off to the original PS4 release, but for me it's easily the best single player zombie game and one of the greatest open world titles of the modern era. The writing and acting should go down as easily top 5 for last gen.

Bloodstained Ritual of the Night. Best metroidvania since SotN. I've tried all the indie darlings like Blasphemous and Salt & Sanctuary and they're decent enough. It seems like no one gets the feel right. Any suggestions from this genre are welcome .

Honorable mentions:
Dishonored series
Ghost Recon Wildlands


The Misadventures of P.B.Winterbottom

Braid was a similar game that got tons of praise but I think this was much better, and more inventive.
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Deadly Premonition 1 and 2. (these games have crap gameplay and graphics and still makes a lasting impression like no other)
Chorvs (more people should get this game, we need more devs doing non-played out genres, and more $40 price point games imo)


The Saboteur
Alpha Protocol
Dragon's Dogma
Street Fighter X Tekken
Stranger of Paradise: FF Origin
Binary Domain

These come to mind, sure I'm missing lots more.
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