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Youtube freezing/buffering

So, for the past 2 weeks Youtube has been freezing/buffering when loading up a video or when i use the seek bar to FF or rewind a video and it's been bustin' my balls.
I'm on WIN11, Edge browser and a 1Gb connection, connection works perfectly, no problems whatsoever with downloads, streaming from Netflix & Prime etc, it's just YouTube that's been acting like this.
I searched on Google and reddit but didn't find anything related, is it the YouTube servers that's at fault here ? is it something on my PC ? (disabled all extensions and still the same).
Same problem on my partner's WIN11 PC by the way (she uses Firefox)- from my understanding it could be a home network related thing but, again, everything else works properly/normally (streaming from other sites included).

Thanks in advance chaps, cheers
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