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Youtube Music Channel Gilvasunner Plans To Shut Down After Receiving Over 3500 Copyright Claims From Nintendo


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A few days ago, it was reported that longtime video game music channel Gilvasunner had received 1300 new copyright claims from Nintendo, taking down many videos which served as archives for many of the company’s iconic game soundtracks.

Since then, the channel has received another 2200 new claims, bringing the total for the week up to 3500. In several lengthy posts on Twitter, the channel owner announced his intention to shut down the channel after this latest round of strikes, putting an end to its 11+ years of service as a place where fans could revisit songs from their favorite videogames.



0G M3mbeR
If only there was a sign that something like this was going to happen to him a year ago with the exact same strikes coming up against him then. 🤔
Are there any game music collections on Vinyl record available? We bought a record player but only have a few albums so far.
At the same time, it's logical, money is made on copyrighted music...

The proof that he was doing this only for the money, since he refuses to accept that Nintendo claims what is theirs...




What time is it?
It looks like... Why would he complain if it was not the case ?

The videos are just claimed, not striked.

And it's quite logical, it's their work...

If Twitter responses are to be believed, the videos weren't monetized. I'd assume if they were, he'd be hit with a lawsuit. Yes, it is Nintendo's work and they can do as they please. It's just a bummer since most of the music isn't available in an official capacity.
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