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A new Wo Long demo is coming to PC and consoles this month


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Koei Tecmo will release a new demo for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty later this month, it’s announced.

The demo will release on Friday, February 24 and, unlike the previous time-limited demo released in September, it will be available on PC via Steam and the Microsoft Store in addition to Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

Save data from this demo will also transfer to the final game, and those who complete it will obtain the “Crouching Dragon Helmet” DLC for the full game.

Wo Long is due to be released on March 3 for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4 and PC (via Windows and Steam). It will also be available on Xbox Game Pass on day one on console and PC.


I missed out on the last beta/early demo back in 2022 as i didn't have a PS5 but now I will be able to try it out. Hope more publishers do demos/timed demos for all games.


They've taken a lot of feedback and tweaked some things so they probably want feedback again. Nice.


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I preordered for PS5. I was hoping it’ll run well on the Steam Deck. This is from the producers of NiOh and Bloodborne.


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Kinda wish this wasn't coming so soon. I'm interested, but it's gonna get buried (for me) by too much other stuff.


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I really wish more companies would follow Team Ninja's strategy, both in terms of pre-launch demos and post launch support. For me they are the absolute gold standard in this day and age.


That article still doesn't say that this new demo is coming to PS4/XBO.
That version is still a complete mystery since they haven't shown any shots or videos of it.
Hyped for this. From the beta it plays like a more refined Nioh with new, Sekiro-like mechanics. Definitely felt more challenging than the Nioh games too, which is exciting.


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Why not give Woo Long a Wu Tang chance and watch To Wong Fu before trying this
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Demo is available on all platforms afaik. Downloading it on PS5. Old demo is also available so it's a bit confusing which one you need to download, the right one is 16.2 GB in size.
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Finished demo and liked it. All my controls complaints from the first demo were pretty much addressed. Performance is stable on PS5, I didn't notice any dips. Graphically it slightly above Nioh 2, I think, though second level is pretty ugly. But ngl it was fairly easy, I even managed to kill second main boss on my first try and that kind of feat is very rare for me.
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The previous demo felt terrible to me, most of all the way the character moved in a "running in place" kind of way.


This definitely looks like a last gen game and it's downright ugly in some places.
The animations and the combat is pretty good, basically NiOh2 with a jump button.
Less loot is also a good thing, but all the stats and upgrade stuff...just seems tedious, good if you like min/maxing
The story and setting didn't grab me, generic cringe badly voice acted and the enemies feel random. The world building is absolute nonesense, random zombies, human enemies, giant monster things, no context to anything.
Didn't bother finishing the demo, I've already played this game twice, no thanks. Too bad, was pretty excited about it before.
Demo is available on all platforms afaik. Downloading it on PS5. Old demo is also available so it's a bit confusing which one you need to download, the right one is 16.2 GB in size.
Can anyone confirm the Series X size for the new demo? Only one I found is 22GB
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