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Decline In Video Game Spending Continued Through Q2 2022


Just reposting it here

Market - HW
July NPD Revenue: Double Digital growth
July UK units across all 3: -29%
July EU units across all 3: -48%
July JP units (according to Famitsu) - up 50% (69k to 101k)

This is just HW but software was also down everywhere in July. It will be interesting to see what the impact of inflation is going to be and whether it impacts different parts of the market differently.
How are you getting those Japan numbers? They look way too low for July hardware.


I mean video games were not as mainstream as it is now. Too much milking and rebooting and not enough new IPs.
I’m in this picture and I kind of like it


One of the green rats
For myself , I have not bought many games because there has not been anything I wanted to buy. Xenoblade 3 is awesome but that’s one game in months of nothing.


The effect of the economy is a double edged sword here because to some extent, I think worse economy = better game sales. Because a lot of those sales won't be someone splurging, rather compromising on something fun to do that isn't as expensive as what they did before money got tight. Before they began staying home to just play video games lol...

When it comes to entertainment value per hour for your money, gaming is the dollar store. Another business that strives in this environment.
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