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DidYouKnowGaming? - Pokemon Myths DEBUNKED


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

Yes, we're serious about the $350 bounties providing first hand information that disproves our Pokemon research. No one's claimed any of the bounties so far, but for liabilities' sake, we need to stipulate that there's one bounty per myth. For example, if 100 people send us the same quote, we can't pay out $35,000. But we'll pay the first person who sends it to us, and post the quote in the pinned comment under this video. If you wanna contact us, the best way to do it is on Twitter, which is @didyouknowgamin -- no G on the end. Cheers.

Special Thanks: Matthew Verive from PidgiWiki for scanning issue 6 of Gamer Magazine for us, our translator Jacob Newcomb, and Bulbapedia moderator SnorlaxMonster for fact-checking/proofreading.
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