Do you or have you ever owned a house in an HOA?


My HOA is a pain but they keep the neighborhood really nice so it’s probably worth it. If you want a nice house it usually comes with an HOA unless you get a lot of land custom home type thing.

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I am of two minds of HoAs. The first is that I am glad that there is a group trying to maintain order and cleanliness to a neighborhood. The other is that it is often power tripping cunts who are the heads of them. This isn’t *always* the case, but it is a common sight. I don’t need some miserable crotchety cunt telling me that I can’t make a rose garden in my front lawn because she doesn’t like roses.


The other is that it is often power tripping cunts who are the heads of them. This isn’t *always* the case, but it is a common sight.

Yup, any position of authority that has a low/no barrier to entry (Internet community mods, parent teacher associations, HOA) is a magnet for failed people looking for just the slightest power over people more successful than them to bitterly get "Payback". The same people who can't even get those positions go out in the world and are known as karens.


It really depends on the neighborhood and/or complex you're in. I've been in an HOA where they're pretty flexible with the rules. I've also been in one that was extremely strict and I wasn't even allowed to install a satellite dish on my roof.


If it's a good HOA, it keeps the trash out. If it's a bad HOA, the trash run it. I've experienced both and the latter was the worst. Nothing but constant parties and fireworks being set off by the people that ran HOA.


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I have an HOA. It is really cheap sub 180 per year. I find them annoying. Only time I hear from them is garbage like move you waste bins where they cannot be seen. Meanwhile everyone has cars double parked all down the road but I am the issue...


I live in a subdivision with a voluntary hoa which is the best of both worlds. They have NO authority but they do maintain common spaces and put on events throughout the year (Xmas party, fourth of July party, summer movies in the park, etc). We live in a very nice neighborhood and fortunately everyone maintains their homes so no issues at all.

The hoa dues are voluntary but we do pay. I think $200/yr. It's a great community so we like to do our part.


Never. An HOA can foreclose on your house if you don’t pay your dues or fines. Think about that.
It takes you being behind a LOT in order for it to be cost effective for the Association to foreclose. Plus, (in most places) the house would be sold subject to your primary mortgage so even less interest for potential purchasers.
I do live in an HOA. Sometimes I question where my money is actually going, and then other times I question why we're not spending money on certain things. I've been asked to be on the board very recently, but I don't have control of when I get home from work, so it's essentially an impossibility to meet the meetings. I'm paying $260 /mo which covers a local and master HOA, and then it's going up at least $50 next year because of the wildfire and we ended up owing ourselves 17k due to increased insurance costs.

We have extensive lawn maintenance, snow removal, trash is included, but we're really behind on things like landscaping; I actually just landscape my own section and no one cares., and some of the HOA board members also just landscape without asking for permission too. We're considered a "premiere" HOA in town, so it's funny to see that we can't landscape worth crap due to two natural disasters [wildfire and a very expensive hailstorm]
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