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EVE - company formally known for the Eve V tablet and Spectrum Monitors changes their name to Dough

Miyazaki’s Slave

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Now...I own a few of their products. I purchased an Eve V tablet PC and had an overall terrible experience with the device. Their monitors on the other hand (IF you preordered them at their pre-covid prices) have been fantastic imo and I use one for my PS5/XSX when I am away from the main media room.

I have no idea who thought their new name should be Dough.
I kind of see it (if I squint REALLLLLLY hard)...they are a company that crowd sources design decisions and hardware choices for their products and they pride themselves on building their products with their communities. I guess that's where the dough analogy can be applied?

However changing their name to Dough? As they continue to struggle with product fulfillment I don't see this name choice as putting their best foot forward.

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