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Max Payne 3 rules


Also the slo mo spin reload animation

It was cool, but definitely not grounded in any kind of reality whatsoever haha. What is he even doing there?

I remember there were mechanics to it but I forgot how it actually works. I saw videos on the game before it came out talking about it but I forgot what was said. Sometimes it does the super slow reloading and sometimes it's fast.

How does it even work?

Does the dialogue in 2 even make any sense? All the noir stuff is laid on super thick and it's hard to make literal sense of a lot of it.

2 looks stunning in 4k. The first dream sequence still looks amazing. I remember that blew me away when I first saw it on my old shit PC and it was probably like 1024 res lol!
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I'll Never forget this awful thread...

The OP was crazy person.
I remember seeing that thread some years ago but tbh, he did have some good points with the controls and animation priority..
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