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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: Indo Disk Final Previews Are Here


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Before anyone asks, don't go in expecting major performance improvements:
Wild encounters will likely be a non-issue, but they can still prove dangerous. The weakest pokémon we encountered were around level 50 and you can run into fully evolved pokémon that ususally never appear in the wild. On top of that, common variety trainers boast pokémon upwards of level 70 and higher – although the real challenge comes from The Indigo Disk's emphasis on double battles.

Among the biggest standouts over the course of my play session was the map itself. Blueberry Academy has to have a stellar finance team of some sort, as made evident by the game's new setting 'The Terrarium'. Featuring four evenly divided biomes, The Terrarium is not only a larger map than Kitakami was, it's also more varied, made possible by the four different biomes contained inside it. I only had the time to explore the tropical locales and a small portion of the snowy area, and left with a feeling of wanting to see more. In addition to the change in scenery, Nintendo also mentioned to me that each area does have a few extra secrets for players to explore (some of which I did see), but you'll just have to wait for the full release to learn more!

Of course I would be remiss to not address one of the big elements that work against Scarlet & Violet, the performance. Obviously this was a pre-launch build so subject to change but the performance did seem ok. It was definitely not worse than Pokémon Scarlet & Violet has been up to this point, and may have felt even smoother than before, but it was not without its flaws or slowdowns but I had no slowdowns which felt like Casseroya Lake in Version 1.1, just a few drops here and there. Basically, it's still Pokémon Scarlet & Violet so don't go in expecting a massive overhaul.
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