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The game i'm looking forward to the most is, and why.

Is it any better? I'm on PS5 ver. and the stuttering has become somewhat better as of today, but the input delay is still a joke. Almost unplayable in some fights.
Yes. The PS4 version on PS5 is perfectly smooth.

I started with the PS5 version and switched because of the stutter. The graphics are pretty close and you get less pop-in with the PS4 version.

Astral Dog

Bayonetta fucking 3 💜💗💙💋💯💘


Elden Ring 2, I feel like the first one laid a solid foundation.
So you don't think it's deserving of the high 9s?

Dead Space Remake. With the game industry going in a direction that doesn't agree with my tastes, having the privilege of replaying a classic with a fresh take will sadly only remind me of a time when I enjoyed gaming but will be a rare experience nonetheless.
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I’m looking forward to:

Elden Ring: Originally I was gonna wait on this, but I recently got a bonus at work so I can splurge a bit. Gonna pick it up Friday and play it all weekend probably.

Bayonetta 3: Love me some action games, and I’m hoping Platinum can overcome their recent slump and deliver a great game again.

Starfield: I’m cautiously optimistic about this. I didn’t like Fallout 4 and never bothered with 76. But ever since I played Outer Worlds I kind of wanted to play a space RPG that was more open and with less cringe writing, so hopefully this game fills that niche, and also gets Bethesda out of their slump.


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Mods probably should update the title since it seems OP only wants to talk about Forza MS

Forza MS will be so next gen that you will in fact need two Series X to run it.
On XB360 there was a racing game called Baja that had a cockpit feature which used 3 consoles and screens.


Absolutely agree with you OP.

With Forza Motorsport 8 we are essentially getting ->first<- next generation racer with modernized standards.

I mentioned modernized because don't get me wrong, Iracing, Rfactor and Assetto are amazing sims, their ambitions and attention to details are outdated. Meanwhile GT7 being cross-gen and no other installments of next generation racing sims are even announced.

FM8 is shaping up as a refresh we were all waiting for.
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