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Xbox Is The Official Console Of Battlefield 2042

Insane Metal

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That's so cute! The tongue at the end :3

Mr Moose

Battlefield - Xbox
Call of Duty - PlayStation
I'm skipping both this year.
Unless my friend forces me to get Battlefield :messenger_crying:
Doesn't COD get an exclusive mode on Playstation in addition to timed exclusive DLC?
What timed exclusive DLC? They get a shitty mode and 5 more levels on the upper tier (2400 CoD points) battlepass (I think).

Not talking about Warzone or Modern Warfare. Just Cold War (Campaign, MP, Zombies) takes up like 2/3rds of the PS5 SSD. Way way way way way too much.
1/3 I think (it's around 220GB or something?), and ~60% of the Series S. They need to sort that shit out, way too big.
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