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Anyone else getting Resident Evil franchise fatigue?


It seems like Capcom is pushing a lot of Resident Evil these days and I'm honestly fatigued with the franchise.
Resident Evil 4 came out in Jan 2005 and had a bazillion ports.

I wish Capcom focused on other parts of their IP like Haunting Ground, which came out in May 2005 and was overshadowed by RE4.
I would love a Haunting Ground Remastered Edition. The game is rare in NA, not so much in EU. But would be great to remaster it in better HD quality.

I would love for Capcom to return to Remastering Dino Crisis, never played it but it sounds fantastic, how about making a new Dark Stalkers game. I want to know more about these characters.
How about Capcom revisits these old franchises? How about making a Lost Planet game! Lost Planet 2 was amazing! 3 was outsourced to another company and was more of a prequel.

Take a risk Capcom, do something new rather than the tired old Resident Evil. The movie bombed in theatres and I just don't want any more Resident Evil now...


Well they should’ve released Village as just something new. I can’t fit it into the rest of the games.

It’s one of my favourite franchises but it has its ups and downs. 7 was an up. 8 was a down. Both new remakes are awesome.

We can only go up again. Bring grim horror back and drop the Pirates of the Caribbean rollercoaster ride, Capcom!


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Not fatigued since I haven't even played Village yet, and only cared enough about 7 to play it with some friends while having laughs.

I do agree that I would love for Capcom to give more attention to their other franchises, like Lost Planet or Dragon's Dogma.


No, because only the classics and RE1 remake are properly RE series formula. The rest are either cheap action movie games, fps or terror games painted as RE games.
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Considering I haven't liked anything RE related since the PS2 days outside of Claire's REmake 2 scenario and the Jake/Sherry campaign it's fair to say I'm pretty much over RE at this point.


Not at all, in fact I do believe I'll never be, these are designed to be replayed again and again by design, so even if you got burned out playing too much of one particular RE game, you'll end up coming back to it and they are different enough between each titles to enjoy at least several.
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Nope. Especially these last 5 years etc we finally got some good RE games. RE7-RE2remake-RE3remake-RE8
RE8 is probably my favourite of this lot as its the longest, has the best variety of enemies and classic metroidvania gameplay
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The last four instalments I've really enjoyed. If anything as long as we get one a year I'm happy not burnt out at all


No, the series was dog shit from 2006-2016 and 7 finally made it good again so I'm enjoying all the new entries.


Titanic was called the Ship of Dreams, and it was. It really was.
Not really. But I am being diverted from the series, because of the direction it's taking.

For example, I loved RE2 Remake. VII and Village not so much.



I also believe getting a reboot or remake of something like DIno Crisis has nothing to do with less Resident Evil or something, 99% they can have RE9, RECV remake and still do a Dino Crisis


I personally didn’t find most RE games interesting outside of the classics. I’ve only played and enjoyed RE1, 2, 3, 4, Remake, Code Veronica and Revelations 2.


I personally didn’t find most RE games interesting outside of the classics. I’ve only played and enjoyed RE1, 2, 3, 4, Remake, Code Veronica and Revelations 2.

I enjoy those too, but you sleep if you haven't played REVII and REVIII yet.

REVIII is now literally in my top 3 favorite Resident Evil games of all time. Amazing world design, puzzles, bosses, story connects well to 7 and the RE universe.

Don't sleep on RE7 and 8 man, based on what you played, you are missing some key entries and don't get fixated on this idea that you need to see their backs for it to be a RE game, RE is about the concept of what you are doing and the perspective is actually irrelevant
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The opening hour of VII was incredible and it had tension and fright not seen in the series before it. Once you get an arsenal and that arsenal grows, my enjoyment of the game was the inverse. It never matches the highs of that first hour. At the low points, it is still mostly fine, certainly better than RE6 and a needed change in direction, I just don't think the first person perspective fits all that great. REVIII is a weird mashup of RE4 and RE7 and it never really hits the high points of either game but again, it is never as bad a RE6. It does kind of feel like the best days are behind the series and we'll never get RE, REmake, RE2, RE2make or RE4 again...well, I guess we are getting an RE4 remake so there is that.


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I honestly didn't like things past 3, not because of the change in gameplay but how.... stupid the story got by comparison...

Yes the first few had a secret mansion with insane puzzles etc... however it just felt far more grounded than the later games...

I think once i got to the point where things radically transformed too be 50x there origenal size within seconds I was done with the series, as the monster design just became utter shit...

Honestly go through the concept art of RE 1-3 for the enemies and then compare them to the more recent designs...

I remember in RE6 when I got to the point where one of the human sized enemies suddenly became a stupid tentacle dragon and just sighed and turned the game off, I'm just done with that shit.
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If RE6 was the most recent release I'd be right there with you but Capcom is going through a renaissance of sorts and RE7, REmake2, REmake3 (too short) & Village are all fantastic games.

I'd love to see Onimusha come back and I'd love to see Dino Crisis with the style of REmake 3.

As for Lost Planet, gonna be a hard pass from me.

I feel like Capcom is firing on all cylinders and finally understands and embraces what their fans want in games. More variety in IPs would be nice but only time will tell if we get them.


REmake is amazing.

Resident Evil VII is awesome. Everything else is... I mean 4 is pretty good. Village was gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
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No because they make something different in every game.

I'd like they get back with co-op tho, but more of a RE5 DLC Lost in Nightmares or REV kind of co-op, not the actiony RE5 main campaign and RE6 co-ops.


After Resident Evil 4, Capcom was managing its best franchise quite badly, with a Resident Evil 5 and 6, not as good as expected, but they then managed to refresh and revive their franchise with RE7 the 2 remakes and RE8, giving Resident Evil a new life. If they didn't reinvent the franchise with the great 7, probably Resident Evil would be history now, exactly like Silent Hill which had a very bad management after 4 (that already was quite dividing)
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