Bloomberg Op-Ed: "Video Game Industry Struggles to Shake Sexist Attitudes" (Ties in "sexism" with harassment at companies like Activision)


Would wonder what the "logical" response would be from those that disagree with them?
  • "You don't speak for all women!"
  • "Internalized Misogyny!"
  • "Brainwashed by the Patriarchy!"
  • "Adhering to systemic sexist power dynamics!"

At the end of the day, how is it not a fact that the ones who are loudly championing the cause of "sexy women = bad/objectified", are doing so out of pure spiteful jealousy and seeking to leverage power/control over others?


Game companies listening these kind of morons is what is making me look more to the retro gaming.

I really love video games, it's makes part of my life since late 80's and early 90's. But when a bunch of idiots who don't even like video games are the people who shape the future of this market, I just can't find a reason to buy modern systems.

The only console system that I'm looking forward are the Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch because both of them are more concerned about real world consumers instead of a bunch of idiots on twitter that never played a real game.

Just like Fart Town Usa said:

Like the person above me mentioned.

Developers/Studios need to just ignore these types of articles. If there's some shit going on in the office, take it to HR and raise a fuss. I'm not saying people should deal with terrible conditions at work, they shouldn't, but to act like it's an industry wide thing is ridiculous.

Woke culture is the absolute worst.
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