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Creative Assembly on the state of Total War Warhammer III and Denuvo


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TLDR: Oopsy, sorry not sorry guy's we will do our best to fix the game but don't count on it before at least a few weeks (month?). XOXO and thanks for those 60€ <3

Patch note:

Good day, commanders! It’s been about a week since we updated you about the team’s current work plan, so we wanted to drop back in here with some inside insight into where we’re at as we continue to prioritize and package fixes for our next patch.
Note that this is far from the *comprehensive* roadmap many of you are looking for right now, but don’t worry: that will come later on as we’re able to shift our focus from establishing a strong baseline to adding future content to the game.

Rather, we want to highlight our focus on the game’s foundation (right now), talk about some of the worst issues impacting certain players (and what they can do while they’re waiting), and when you can expect changes to the game in the near (and near-ish) future!

First off, the big question: when can we expect the next update?

The team is working hard on our next small patch, which is targeting fixes at the most disruptive issues reported since the game’s release:
  • ALT+Tab Stability:
    Accounting for a majority of our crash reports, the ALT+Tab crash is the primary issue under investigation. While we have a fix in testing, the complexity of the issue requires a
    substantial amount of review to ensure it doesn’t break anything else in the game. So, while we very much hope to include it in the next build,
    the results of our testing will determine whether it is safe to do so or whether it is held until the next-next update

  • Unintended V-Sync Lock:
    Some users have noted that in certain circumstances, their game framerate will be capped at a low number regardless of their hardware capabilities. We’re working on a fix to make V-Sync behave if you want to flex on the game.

  • Further Alderlake Improvements:
    Windows 11 and Windows 10 users should no longer see performance stuttering related to their 12th generation Intel processors.

  • Battle Desyncs:
    Some players have desyncs during multiplayer battles. That’s bad, so we’re working to fix that up.

  • Issues when the game is installed to a path using non-ASCII/non-English characters:
    In this scenario, the game would crash upon booting. Players encountering this issue will now receive a warning message so the game can be moved to a supported location only using English characters.
The list may look short, but introduces numerous fixes for complex issues in the underlying code of the game.
This is a scary business, since making a change to one area of code—to the systems that make the game run or ensure that other code runs properly—can have a ripple effect into those other systems and mechanics.
Think of it like trying to remove a single stick from the middle of a pile of sticks without moving them… It’s often difficult, if not impossible.

With that in mind, our teams are testing the build thoroughly for any unforeseen impacts of the changes.
The goal? To release a stable build for the game next week—currently targeting March 10—but with the foreknowledge that we may hold it until March 17 to ensure that it doesn’t introduce any worse problems into the game than what we’re aiming to fix.

Game Crashes and Stability
(Note by me: here CA just gives the same advice that any sane person would do first when a game has problems, but whatever...)

Gameplay Issues
Beyond the initial issues we’re working to solve, we’ve also been keeping track of all your commentary about the gameplay, balance, siege battles, the journey into the Chaos Realms, how auto-battles are resolved, and all the other aspects of the game you love, maybe-less-than-love, or would like to see updated/altered in the future.
We’ve been reading, listening, and taking notes—particularly those of you who have taken the time to explain the problem, how it impacts your play, and including constructive ideas where we can improve that experience.
These posts are illuminating as we look to understand and improve improving a system in the game. So, to all of you: THANK YOU for setting a high bar; your contributions haven’t gone unnoticed…

To the point at hand: for all the gameplay concerns and feedback you’ve been providing, we’ve been pulling together lists and planning out the first big gameplay balance and bug-fix patch scheduled for early next month.
It’ll take time to come up with the full list of what will show up in the release, but we’ll let you know more exact details as we get closer; stay tuned!


On the subject of Denuvo...
Another divisive topic of discussion we’ve noticed is in regards to Denuvo. While the team is *extensively* testing the product to determine its full impact on the game, there are a few misconceptions that have been presented as evidence that we would like to clear up:
  • Denuvo was included in press and content creator review builds. Why their performance was impacted post-launch is something we are actively working to understand, but the program was not purposefully omitted and then later added for the sake of the reviews (yeah you just hid it on the store page until release day, YAY !)
  • Denuvo has been a part of previous Total War titles. This does not absolve it of any potential issues it is causing (which, as mentioned, we will continue to work to determine), but it is also not a new technology to the series. If it is causing problems now, there may be some other factor at the heart of the problem that you/we can explore together.
  • The impact of Denuvo on performance is not yet conclusive (yeaaaah, sure *look at RE Village*)
Many players have presented evidence both ways, and there are likely to be many factors that weigh into the conversation. When we are confident in our results, we will make a call at that time.



Luckily it has worked fine for me (other than alt + tab crashing) but it is weird that Troy had a good release but this one didn't.


this is a solid release, but the issues were probably tabled in a meeting and then decided to be addressed later on in a patch.

some of my observations:
1. nurgle's pox is very strong; if you don't pay attention, you can lose an entire army, and only realize you lost everything when you get a notification next turn that a hero has died.
2. similar to warhammer 2, there will definitely be dlc units of renown.
3. i'm not too fond of the main game mechanics where you have to gather the souls. this is definitely a 1 time playthrough for me until mortal empires releases.


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Luckily it has worked fine for me (other than alt + tab crashing) but it is weird that Troy had a good release bu
The code is a mess and the big problem is CA needs to get everything compatible between 3 games.
Anyway, this guy did a summary of what I think of that statement:

The good thing is this game is really great, as opposed to recent bugged release like BF2042. So there is hope.


Can confirm the Alt-Tab crashes. Anyway game is really nice so far but i hope for improvements and IE DLC.
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The code is a mess and the big problem is CA needs to get everything compatible between 3 games.
Anyway, this guy did a summary of what I think of that statement:

The good thing is this game is really great, as opposed to recent bugged release like BF2042. So there is hope.

There is. Most of the time they release with a lot of bugs but make it better later.

I forgot that I had that issue in combat too. I think some of the pyrrhic victories I got were do to that when they should have been a better outcome.

Still, I'm enjoying it and it's the first time that I'm doing a lot of auto resolve so the campaign is advancing pretty fast. The addictive elements of the game are still there.

Also can't complain that much as I didn't pay for it (gamepass) nor Troy (free with Epic). I'll buy it once immortal empire comes out but I expect the game to be in a much better state and to be considerably cheaper by then.

Do you know of any games that have a similar gameplay to this one?
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