Cyberpunk 2077 Production Director Leaves The Studio After 15 Years


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CD Projekt Red has lost another veteran developer who spent almost 15 years at the company. Cyberpunk 2077 production director Jędrzej Mróz announced his departure in pursuit of something new.

He shared the news on his official LinkedIn page, saying that it was a "spectacular" experience working with his team. Jędrzej Mróz has worked on Cyberpunk 2077 since 2012, starting as a lead producer, and has held many positions on the project throughout the course of development. After the game launched in 2020, he was appointed as production director, responsible for scheduling updates and managing the team for the game's ongoing support.
It's unknown what's next for Jędrzej Mróz, as he didn't share his future destination in the game industry or beyond. According to the dev, it's "time for something new," so we wish him luck in his next endeavor.

The Polish studio has lost plenty of its veteran crew over the past few years, many of whom initially joined the developer more than a decade ago. Currently, CDPR has dozens of job offerings open on the official website, encouraging specialists to join the team for its upcoming projects, such as the next Witcher game. Earlier this year, the company revealed the project has left its "research phase," so the game is likely in its pre-production phase now.

As for Cyberpunk 2077, the studio is about to introduce another episode of Night City Wire, focusing not only on the upcoming Edgerunners anime but on what's next for the game itself. The stream will be hosted on September 6, at 5 pm CEST, and the team has already teased "some surprises in store" for the fans.


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Is this supposed to be something related to the stream they gonna show today? I dunno if its something that inspire confidence.


The stream starts in 90 minutes. It’s the most excited I’ve been for an announcement stream for the whole year !
I'm really looking forward to the stream too, I waited for the next gen upgrade to finally play the game and loved it!

Even my other half who wouldn't usually play this kinda game loved it and played it all the way through, granted she played twenty hours before she realised she had skill/stat points that she can assign to become stronger 🤣
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