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Demon's Souls PS5 - new info from Lance McDonald


The whole world is flipped. We don't know if it will change anything else yet. It's not a mode I really use myself, but in a game you'd play through multiple times, it's a pretty neat way to change things up a bit. It was also in the Shadow of the Colossus remake and I know a lot of the vets appreciated the change up.

Another thing to note is that, if it works like in other games, it'll make your left hand the main hand. Meaning you have to flip how you equip weapons, shields & parry weapons.

Thanks for the details.

On paper it looks pointless and idiotic to me... Might be better playing it. I'll see xD


I wonder if he woke up to a NDA violation.
From what he was saying, he didn't sign any NDA (in one tweet he said something like "I saw the game, but I didn't play it. If I had, I would not be able to talk about it here now"). In that case, too, it would have been a lot quicker than this.

What I can imagine happened is that somebody at either Bluepoint (they have a history of involving and reaching out to fans a lot, like they did at the time of Shadow of the Colossus) or Japan Studio has been telling and showing him stuff unofficially, and those same people now asked him to take everything down from Twitter because they were getting pressure internally because of it.
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