Diablo Immortal is a huge success making 1 million dollars a day on average, despite being the worst user rated game in Metacritic history

Or keep it real and make games like art and entertainment? :messenger_sunglasses:

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I’ve been playing this a bit while travelling on my iPad - seems good to me. Haven’t spent and won’t spend a penny on it, but enjoyed what I’ve played so far.
Not surprised. It's not a bad game, but the monetization is quite aggressive. That said, it's easy to play through the game without spending a dime. I played through the story, had a good time, and paid a grand total of $0. /shrug

Edit: Also, I don't think there was ever a time when Metacritic User Reviews meant anything.
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Not surprised. It's not a bad game, but the monetization is quite aggressive. That said, it's easy to play through the game without spending a dime. I played through the story, had a good time, and paid a grand total of $0. /shrug

Edit: Also, I don't think there was ever a time when Metacritic User Reviews meant anything.
It's honestly one of the very few I bothered with cause it's Diablo, and yeah, I agree. The game is actually very well made, all aggressive monetization aside. You can also play it, not spend a dime, and it's still enjoyable.

Exactly, the review scores that plummet are all the result of review bombs anyway. 🤷‍♂️
You might as well say "Drug trafficking is a huge success despite every government fighting against it".

It is gambling. It makes money. We know this. The fact that gambling makes money doesn't invalidate people who don't want it in games. And just because we couldn't stop it making money doesnm't mean we should stop fighting against it.

It is pretty much the same thing with Konami making money hand over fist with their gambling pivot. It is not our job to cheer for companies making money when they are not making the product we want anymore.


What are they buying? I have a lvl 58 character and have spent exactly $0 on the game making it the cheapest Diablo game for me yet.


Diablo immortal isnt a bad game at all, its actually quite good. The problem is people wanting the items but not being able to get them because of the microtransactions. Just play the game and you will eventually get the items

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Great example of the blindness of internet gaming culture. They allow themselves to believe that money is not the most important thing to a company and are unaware that several billion people went online recently because they got a smartphone. You think they are foolish to make money off that market? You expect them not to monetize this game because “that’s immoral!”? You are blind, and unacquainted with reality.


I can believe it.

Some guy I work with has been talking about it nonstop since it was released. He claims that he has blown £370 on it already (I don't play it so have no idea if this is possible or not) and plans to spend a 'few hundred more' in the coming months.

According to him, it's the greatest game of all time and I'm wasting my life not playing it. Surly it cannot be that good? The way he talks about it is like it's the greatest pleasure since tantric sex.

The average person is a dumb fuck. Not like us enlightened few on online forums.
Same thing happened with other stinkers like GTA Trilogy, Black Ops Cold War, Aliens Colonial Marines, (et al); they get review-bombed, but your average Joe Gamer doesn't give a shit about reviews or passionate fans' boycotts and will continue to throw money at them. The video game industry's own McDonalds Effect.


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Bobby Kotick knows that gamers in general are a bunch of whiny cunts that fall in line the moment they dangle another distraction in front of them. No matter how much impotent rage they muster over Diablo Immortal, they’re running around with their Dragonflight preorder mount in World of Warcraft, and they‘re salivating over every Diablo IV nugget. Why should they behave in any other way when Blizzard’s financials continue to improve?


The mobile game market is a very different beast to console and pc gaming tbf. (Heck there’s a lot of difference between console and PC gamers) Mobile gamers are a completely different demographic. There is some cross over of course, but the playing and paying habits are very different.

The interesting thing will be if they can sustain this earn rate. The Diablo name carries a lot of weight and the game has made a big splash in terms of SM traffic. I Can imagine millions of people watched negative content and thought ‘I gotta try this shit for myself’. And when they played the game, my understanding is that the core game itself is fantastic, so they found a brilliant game!

Convert those millions into a an average of 5% conversion rate and you’ve got £1M a day. (Example economics of course)

Whether they can sustain or grow that will be interesting to see
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I wonder how much of the market is funded by asian consumers. In other words, i would like to see info on the western market about these kind of games. But yeah, good job Kotick


Thanks, didn't know these two sites. Wow, usa is spending way more than I expected, nothing about Europe though. And lol, didn't know immortal hasn't released in china yet.

I watch some videos of the state of mobile gaming every now and then (interested and even download some games, but I never get to play them lol), and I know China has been limiting the green passes for games a lot (the process for the developers is so damn complicated there), so I guess that's the reason why.
Our hobby has completely been overrun by the mob... And there is no way back.
Who'd think that one day we can look back with nostalgia at the days where we were shunned as geeks by everyone else...

Games made by geeks for the geeks. Today it's games made by businessman for the mob.
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I played it, I enjoyed it. This is a fun experience, and it could be so much more. That core feeling of fun Diablo is there. However that feeling slowly gets snowed under negative factors. I stopped playing not because it isn't fun, but because it felt short lived and not real. Hard to explain. With Diablo 4 coming out within the next year, I just crave a true full on Diablo experience. I don't want to burn my self out on immortal.

The game is fun and it's predatory like most other Asian based mobile games. Of course it's making money, the test will be how it's doing once people hit that Hell level 3 pay wall and second battle pass, or renewal.

It's an incredible mobile game, almost magic. But the PC client is as they say 'beta'. If this games continues making this kind of bank for a year, that's pretty crazy and bad for non-mobile gamers. Dangerous times.


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Seems like Immortal came to stay:

Blizzard's mobile version of Diablo is off to a solid start; despite complaints around its monetisation, the developer took almost $50 million in the first month.

MobileGamer.biz reports that data from Appmagic, which tracks developer earnings not including the 30% commission for Apple and Google, shows Diablo Immortal had generated $48.9 million by day 30. The game earned $11.9 million in its first week, with revenue peaking on Saturday, June 11 -- the tenth day after launch -- with Blizzard earning $2.4 million that day alone. Since then, daily spending never fell below $1 million.

Diablo Immortal racked up 10 million downloads within its first month, although the majority of this came within the first four days, before dropping off steeply. Downloads peaked on day three at 1.32 million, reaching 6.85 million by the end of the first week.

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That one person in each studio trying to convince the team to not move to mobile games just a lot of ground to stand on.


At this point it is better to gamble at a casino than play a gotcha game on mobile. Mobile games give you nothing in return, at least with a casino you have at least a chance of winning. The problems with casinos is that they don’t keep a sense of progression or have any story or character elements.

When they are done and happy with the investment they will shut down the servers and you lose everything you sunk your time and money on.
I got too Paragon 40 completely free to play without spending a dime. And then when I hit max level battle pass which was level 40 I bought the most expensive one for $15. The way I look at it is, I've spent dozens or hours for free playing the game and all the gems and loot was self earned. I also ended up in the top hundred for solo challenge leaderboard via complete free 2 play which i made me feel good.

So I felt at that point it was justifiable enough to spend the money because I did enjoy my time. I really spent it for the Battle Pass cosmetic and the fact that the season was ending in 2 days. Excited too see what they bring to next season.
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I mean MC scores are a joke, but why would mobile gamers give a fuck about (or know of) them? Its currently sitting at 4.5 out of 5 on the App Store and 3.7 on the Play Store, pretty sure that's the only score they would care about 🤷‍♀️
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