Evolution of licensed games

After Insomniac elevated Spider-Man games with Marvel's Spider-Man on PS4, I kind of expected to see more care and attention placed on licensed properties, but I haven't really seen that. And honestly, we wouldn't have Spider-Man without the Arkham games respecting the Batman license and showing what is possible with it.

I think back to Jedi Fallen Order, but then I realize that devcycles aren't going to reflect the Spider-Man effect for years after the release of Spider-Man. Jedi Fallen Order doesn't have the quality of Spider-Man and came only a year after Spider-Man.

What has me more concerned is Hogwarts Legacy. Avalance Software is not Insomniac and is not the company that should be making this game. But the problem is WB doesn't have a ton of studios in the first place and they'd rather make their own garbage game than license this out to someone more competent.

But I still have hope. We're going to see Indiana Jones from MachineGames and Wolverine from Insomniac.

I'm sure Star Wars Eclipse will have its fanbase just as the other Quantic Dream games did, but there isn't a single Star Wars game that has me really truly excited and can't think of a single Star Trek game that is even in the works. I'd love to see some major IP get some really good support from some primetime game studios. Especially when their games have the potential to raise above even the original media.

Are there any franchises that you'd like to see get better treatment; what studios do you want to see involved?

Any studios you're really disappointed to hear handling IP?


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Don’t have high hopes for either Suicide Squad or Indiana Jones. Wolverine and Jedi Survivor should be really good though.
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I don’t like them. Always apply a formula to an existing license. That last great one was Arkham Series since they made a legit change to a formula. Spider-Man is the most polished one but it’s formulaic as fuck. Jedi fallen order tried something unique going with a souls formula but hopefully the next one doubles down Eden ring style. Alien isolation is superb too


The only good, licensed games are the Lego games.
Wrong. But good contribution…

Batman Arkham games did it before Spiderman, and they borrowed a lot from it’s combat. Both are fantastic.
Fallen Order is great also.
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The only good, licensed games are the Lego games.
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Did OP forget the Batman Arkham games exist? I would argue I enjoyed Arkham Knight a lot more than Spiderman too.

Arkham Knight was such a genuine surprise for me, with how dark it's story was and how well made it was.

I got really into beating the bat mobile race times too (I know I'm definitely in the minority off liking the batmobile stuff, as I read a lot off complaints online about it), I did everything possible minus the riddler collectibles as I really don't like collectibles.

Huge shame it never got a fps/Res boost though :(


I miss the days when nobody gave a shit about their properties and you could probably license Batman for your generic platform game for a couple hundred bucks.
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