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Farming Simulator 22 Breaks Records: GIANTS Software Reports 6 Million Copies Sold


  • What a harvest: Most successful Farming Simulator with 6M copies sold
  • Fertile soil: More mods than ever & 1.4 Billion mod downloads
  • Cultivated community: Multiplayer farms are on the rise
Virtual farms are thriving as publisher and developer GIANTS Software reports the growing success of Farming Simulator 22: Including the subsequent Platinum Edition & Premium Edition of the game, the self-published Farming Simulator 22 has sold more than six million copies since its initial release in November 2021. Other milestones have been reached in terms of multiplayer activity and available mods.
6 Million Copies and Counting…

"Seeing millions of virtual farmers active on our fields is a heartening affirmation of our enduring passion, ongoing commitment to the series, and self-publishing strategy”, comments Boris Stefan, Head of Publishing at GIANTS Software. “Our unique community reflects the same level of passion and dedication, growing further each day.”
More Mods & Major Multiplayer Increase

As the Farming Simulator series proves to be just as relaxing and rewarding, if not more so, in multiplayer as it is for solo farmers, GIANTS Software is pleased to announce an all-time high in server activity. With over 100,000 dedicated servers online simultaneously, the Swiss-based company is seeing an ever-increasing number of farms being managed collaboratively.

Farming Simulator 22 has also surpassed its predecessor in terms of available mods, with over 5,600 modifications available on the official ModHub. Hands-on tested by GIANTS Software's internal QA team, these mods are accessible directly from within the game. With an impressive 1.4 billion downloads, representing approximately half of all mod downloads in the series since its inception in 2008, user-generated content continues to grow in popularity.


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These simulators are on a roll for years now and seem to get even more popular by the year.
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