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Favorite protein bars?

Cutty Flam

There are some pretty tasty ones out there. Personally, I like the Garden of Life Sport protein bars a lot. They have extra BCAAs and overall I think each bar is 20g protein. Kind of pricey though, I think one bar is typically around $2.99

Peanut Butter Chocolate all day


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I barely use these things because i prefer to eat clean meat to get proteins (taste better, no suger filler etc.).
Stuff like oh yeah or quest bar are pretty bad.

Usually the better they taste, the worst they are, last time i used these things was like 3-4 years but i don't remember the brand...

The few good ones are pricey as fuck.
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RX Bars

best bar ever, won't go back to anything else

great flavors, my favorite being Maple Sea Salt:

(spoiler'd for size, didn't realize it was a huge pic)

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