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GameInformer - June Cover Reveal - Final Fantasy 16


Thats mad considering what the last few mainline traditional FFs have dropped
A mid 80s score would not be the big comeback the franchise has been betting on. Usually if a game can’t crack 90+, there’s some considerable flaws holding it back.

FFXVI arguably has the most talented team behind a core entry in the franchise, in a very long time. Decades even. Development has gone much smoother this time around, and everyone involved is showing a lot of confidence in it. Journalists who previewed it were very impressed, and the game just looks great with its action focused combat, and deep and mature story.

So yes a mid 80s review aggregate, all things considered, would not be a return to glory that fans have been hoping for. CBU3 is responsible for Shadowbringers and Endwalker. Two expansions that cracked 90+. It’s not unrealistic expectations to hope FFXVI could do the same.
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