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How were you introduced to gaming?


Batman on my brothers game gear when I was about 3, then his SNES for Super Mario Kart. First big ‘wow’ game I remember was OOT on Christmas Day. Then picked it up big time with the N64 and smashed out Banjo, Goldeneye, PD, Mario Kart, Mario 64 etc. Best ‘first’ console there’s been to get in to gaming IMO. Nintendo and Rare slayed that generation.
A man with a coat in an alley offered me a cartridge of super mario one rainy afternoon.

I can't pinpoint, because before having my first console I think I already played something on some friends houses. But when the psx was released, my parents told me i turned so insistent that they managed to buy me one between my family. And my mother also got interested in it, we played some games together. Those were the two best years ever


my dad played a lot of video games so i just wanted to play them too. probably been playing since i was ~3-4 lol so from early 90's and just before Playstation existed.
When I was about 6 or 7 I broke my leg and was bed ridden for a couple months, my dad bought me a SNES with Mario Kart and Killer instinct and that was that. Instant love


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One uncle had a Magnavox Odyssey that I played when we visited him as a way to keep me quiet. I also found an Atari Pong set in a junkyard in the back seat of a wrecked car. I took it home and cleaned up the battery contacts and it worked. I played it on a 13" black and white TV for hours and hours.

Another uncle bought an Atari VCS when it released and I played games every time I stayed the weekend with my cousins. The next Christmas my parents bought us the Atari system. My brother didn't like it so it was pretty much mine. It was also about the time arcade games were exploding so I would scrounge quarters to be able to play when I went to a place where they had games and I mowed lawns to earn money to buy cartridge games.


I was introduced to video games through friends and family and played various handhelds, arcade games, early 8-bit consoles and home computers. I personally started out with Mattel Basketball, Coleco Head-to-Head Football and my first system was an Atari 2600 in 1982, that came with the pack-in Combat and I got Pitfall! the same day as well.
My sister got an Atari 2600, i just got crazy and played all day, every day lol! That's how started!! She is now married and stopped on Xbox 360 gen!

Now she only has an xbox 360 and have tons of racing games, she beat split second billions of times! She also has some indie games like Luxor, Peggle, sor collection, sonic games, genesis collection...

And i become a collector since nes! I love videogames (all of them), i love games! I turned myself into a programmer just for the passion that i have for videogames! All because of her Atari... :')
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I went to some daycares growing up in the late 90's and early 2000's. One had a suitcase full of SNES and N64 games. The other one kids would bring in their consoles and games. I think I lucked out during my childhood. PC was in and out of my life until 2007.
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I already had been playing games for years, but first time I experienced Chuck E Cheese was a no-show!

Back in the early or mid 80s, the older kids in the neighbourhood including my brothers all talked about going to CEC. So a bunch of us went, but got denied entry.

I forget why, but probably because there were too many underaged kids , or the older kids who drove were only 16 or 17, so they werent adults. I dont remember the exact reason. So we all went back home. What a let down that was.

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Well, I'm old so....

I was 3 when introduced to gaming during Christmas 1979 when my older brothers and I got the Atari 2600. I don't remember that but I do remember playing some of the games. I remember Pitfall, Empire Strikes Back, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Adventure, Frogger, Space Invaders, Astroids, Basketball, Dig Dug, Golf, Football, Baseball, etc...

Then In 1982 we got the Colecovision for Christmas which I do remember...followed by GOAT Christmas 1985 and getting the Nintendo Entertainment System!
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My brother got an Atari 2600 when I was a kid, they didn't let me play it but I'd watch and sneak into his room when he was gone and play, mostly yars revenge, river raid and pitfall 1+2. Later on my best friend in elementary school had an NES and I played Super Mario bros for the first time at his house and I went nuts over it.. I was always going to friends houses who had one to play as much as I could.. I did not get my own first console until High school when some scuzball at school sold me a SNES with games really cheap (I'm pretty sure now he robbed someones home but back then I was naive about that)
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