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Jessica Simpson is looking… these days


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Smh always liked Ashlee more but , wow she fell off. She reminds me of Trish from DMC 5
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Remember she looked like this only a few years back

She's obviously loss weight and kept going.
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One of the green rats
She did something to her lip huh.

I would say I feel bad for these actresses who can’t deal with aging but they all have millions so… not so much.


The Contrarian
I hate to sound like a misogynist piece of shit, but I have a theory that having kids really fucks up women's health, mood, mental health and yes phsyique. and its not just the insane labor which is a horrific experience for anyone who's been in that room simply witnessing the woman go through what is essentially inverse rape by head. It is the constant drama raising the kids afterwards.

Ive seen too many of these hot bubbly blondes turn into these weird alien looking species that has nothing in common with their early 20s looks. very few of these women age gracefully, and while some clearly fuck up their face with surgeries and botox, and some like lindsay lohan destroy themselves with drugs, this happens to pretty much everyone after a certain age.

It will be interesting to see how JLaw and Margot Robbie age. Jennifer Aniston aged the best but she still has that botox look going on. Jlaw just had a kid and looks massive already. Such a shame because at one point they all looked like timeless beauties. Maybe there is no such thing.


Definitely drug use, she looking real Florida now. She apparently recently lost a hundred pounds by what means I don't know
I have a cousin who got into that stuff and lost a ton of weight. Everyone asked what he did and he would say Meth while laughing…We all thought he was joking. Fast forward 10 years, he’s in prison until 2074 and has gained all the weight back on plus more. Sadly, we thought he was joking. That shit will mess you up!
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