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Matt McMuscles: The Sinking City - What Happened?


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It's a crappy third person shooter, is it not. I think this game went on sale for $5 a couple months ago, and even then people were saying don't buy it.

Mr Hyde

One of my favorite games from last year. Great atmosphere and writing, with an emphasis on detective work, piecing together clues and interrogation, rather than combat. It nailed the themes of Lovecraft and his lore by taking inspiration from all his stories and put it together as a complete narrative. Clunky combat and a lot of jank, but it was not a big deal honestly. I grew up loving the Silent Hill games and they featured even worse combat than Sinking City.


Didn’t get around to this one but I did play the Call of Cthulhu game that came out a few years back and had a pretty good time with it despite a few flaws.

Matt‘s channel is easily my favorite channel of the individual Best Friends Play channels post-split. I like Woolie but I didn’t really click with any of his friends in his LPs on his channel. Pat isn’t as entertaining without Matt, Woolie, or Liam to play off of. And I assume Liam pursued another career as he posts a video like once a year (he does occasionally do game event reactions with Matt so at least they’re still on good terms, as are Pat and Woolie).


I buy the game in a sale the last year, the game sometimes is awful but for some reason I enjoy it a lot.
One of my favorite AA "B" games in the last few years. The only real knock for me is some absurd traversal times between areas. In hindsight the impression it left is better than most. Enough to crack my Top 20 in the last 5 years list, if just barely. Now that the dust has settled it's a hall of fame game. A Lovecraftian Alpha Protocol if you will.


Wow, fuck Nacon. Now I don’t know if I bought the right release that will support Frogware. Is there a way to tell? (PS4)
Also, Lovecraft is the hardest theme to do justice. This game gets somewhat close, but I deleted it after getting repeatedly wiped out at the ferris wheel. Will try again after awhile, but it is def AA or maybe even A. It does make me want to check out their Holmes games tho.


While I know this is a game, and even know about the backstory of this particular game with Nacon, the first thing I though about when reading the title was "Jakarta" ? Jakarta is Indonesia's capital and is actually sinking right now by like 10 cm a year (people draining the aquifer), plus rising ocean levels on top of that.
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