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MMA General |OT| We just wanna bang GAF

Season 7 Reaction GIF by The Office


Thise were some banger fights yesterday.

IMO Moreno should've won.

Good win by Volk and Dricus too.

I just wish Izzy went a different way with trying to sell/hype the fight. That race bait was cringe.
Holm is probably one of the better technical strikers in womens MMA so naturally it makes 100% sense for her to clinch a bunch with someone who has 8 submission wins out of a total of 11 wins.

I swear to Christ, there is a whole level of MMA that is just elite athletes losing by going out of their way to do the stupidest shit imaginable rather than fighting to their strengths.


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i wanna see the islam vs charles rematch, but not in abu dhabi I wish it was in vegas. islam is used to that environment more than charles and did a lot more training there hes more acclimatized. why don't they go to brazil and fight in charle's climate/environment that he trained in all his life?? islam almost lost to volk in volk's home place. environment/climate that u fight in can make all the difference even if its a little and those better acclimatized have an advantage imo i can't see charles winning this rematch


Looking forward to this card. The only matchup I researched recently was El Cucuy Vs King Bobby.

At 39 and on a 5-fight losing skid for Tony, I’m leaning more towards it being Bobby Green’s time in this matchup.

Tony has been facing high level competition in those 5 losses, but he’s also taken a significant amount of damage, especially in the Gaethje fight and when he got brutally slept by Chandler more recently. In his last fight vs Diaz, it seemed like his reaction timing has slowed down and he’s starting to get more visibly affected when shots land on him.

Granted, Green was just KO’d recently himself by Dober and is not much younger than Ferguson at 36. But he just appears to be the fresher guy at this point, still has very quick defensive reactions and his hands are very fast. All of his recent fights he’s been very competitive in except for the Islam one, whereas Tony is not really winning rounds anymore.

I still think Tony can cause problems with his length and the fact that he often throws more kicks than punches, while Green largely prefers to box. Could cause some issues for Green, but I can’t help but get the feeling that the longer it stays standing, it’s a matter of time before Green catches him with something clean.

I’ve been a long time fan of Tony though, and would be happy to see him pull off one more vintage performance, if he still has it in him.


In case anyone wasn’t aware, the fight card starts in a little under two hours from now due to it being held in Singapore.

Should be a fun little free card. War Holloway!
Terrible judging in the main event.

The 5th round was scored 10-8 for Grasso because she was in control on the ground for around a minute but the same judge only scored round 3 as 10-9 for Schevchenko when she was in control on the ground for most of the round.


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jiri vs poatan could be a ppv main event on its own thats the best co-main jon could ask for hes gonna be getting paid with his ppv points this card should do great numbers I think
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