Naughty Dog next game is The Last of Us Part III


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MCU/DCU Movies leaker ViewerAnon has information on Naughty Dog next projects;

  • Naughty Dog next game is The Last of Us Part III
  • Its separate from Factions;
  • UNCHARTED will be handled by another studio,
  • FACTIONS is coming first:
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I regard TLoU as one of the all-time greats but I'd really like to see something new from ND. It is possible that they have 2 teams working on two different projects, wait and see.


Until we get something more reliable, I'm subscribing to the theory that they're working on a brand new IP under Neil, while another team works on TLOU MP, and then once the new IP is out they'll begin work on TLOU Part 3 for the end of gen

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Loved Part 1 and 2 but it's time to move on. I will play the shit out of part 3 and probably love that too, but come on, it's time for Naughty Dog to create a new mind blowing IP. Remember the first reveal of TLOU some 10 years ago? I want that feeling again.


The only way I'd find this even remotely interesting is if they went forward in time by a few hundred years.

I'm talking the last humans of civilization living in tribes fighting in overgrown forest areas fighting against massive Rat King esque clickers that have mutated beyond everyone's wildest nightmares.
Btw, the title is wrong. He never said Naughty Dog's next game is TLOU3. He said Druckman's next game is. We know Factions is their next game and a new IP is also in development in there.
Well that cunt is going to make sure this gets in ahead of everything the studio has planned.

They could have taken a break from TLOU and did something else and maybe launch TLOU 3 at the tail end of this generation. Make Is PS5's swansong.

I hope I'm not getting ahead of myself here and hoping this news is all BS but I'm not too confident of anything new from ND with Druckman still at the helm.
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Part II was announced in 2016, 3 years after the original and 2 after its remastered. So it would make sense Part III is announced in 2023, 3 years after Part II.

Only thing that makes me think this is bs is the fact that we will be on a sort of TLOU overload next year, with the HBO series, Factions, and having Part I just released. Announcing Part III can be a little too much for the audience. Practically no anticipation build-up for it.


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Well that cunt is going to make sure this gets in ahead of everything the studio has planned.

So predictable...well that means TLOU Part 2 should be ported to PC in 2024 before part 3 is out.

my reaction

If you read their Twitter Bio's, its pretty obvious that theres multiple projects/directors going on at once. Neil and Kurt are likely directing 2 different projects.

New IP and TLOU 3.

I'd bet money on it
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