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Outcast: A New Beginning | Review Thread + |OT|

Fart Knight

Al Pachinko, Konami President
Was gonna boot this game up till I took it out of the sealed case...


Long live physical media.
Ugh that sucks! Just take it back I’m sure they’ll replace it.

I really enjoyed my time with this game and the original. As I replayed the 1999 original again before and after.
I just beat and got the platinum for this game last night.
Don't sleep on it. I think it's a lot more fun than the reviews give it credit for.
There is a demo to try it out, but the demo kinda sucks from what i remember.
You get 32 mods for your pistol and rifle changing up how you want the gun to feel like.
Combining different mods at a time. It's a cool alternative to having tons of weapons to sort through.

Came out at a bad time with rebirth, ronin and stellar blade all around the same time period.
Now I'm shifting my focus to Stellar Blade.
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